I realize I don’t really blog too much on here, and by blog I mean actually write rather than just post sketches and whatnot. Occasionally though I feel wordy, and as I have the leisure to do it, here we find ourselves. XD Today’s story theme is going to be about critique and probably mostly about not being a total butt.

It’s been quite a while since this happened, but I had been tooling around on the crafting/sewing sections of DoA. On this day I had been looking at other people’s handiwork and I came across an unassuming thread where a girl had just finished making a fancy medieval style dress for her doll. She was feeling proud of it as she should be for having the patience to finish a tiny detailed dolly garment. Of course it was not perfect like you would find from a veteran seamstress, but one could tell a great deal of effort had gone into making the dress and it was certainly better than some of the factory made hack job garments out there on the internet. The majority of the people who responded to her praised her for a job well done, but one little stick in the mud decided to give the dress a full 3 paragraphed, pointed critique on what exactly was wrong with the dress and why nobody would buy it as it was (not that it was for sale). I remembered thinking then, that person was kind of a jerk, but I brushed it off, because these things happen. However as I started looking at more threads of other artists who were posting their finished garments I noticed the exact same person in each and every thread giving everyone a scathing critique without a single drop of anything good said. Of course for me, that sealed this persons fate in my eyes as being a overbearing and persnickety ass.

A few days later, the girl with the medieval dress returned, this time with a new school girl outfit, and yet again she received a harsh critique from the same persnickety ass. HOWEVER, it should be noted that the girl sneakily posted not her own work, but the work of a well known doll clothing maker. I think everyone realized the trick and it only served to uncover the harsh critic for what he/she really was….a jerk.

So the moral of this story is, if you give everything a harsh critique and don’t bother to speak of the positive aspects of a piece that is working, and you do this ALL THE TIME, your critique becomes about as worthless as a fallen penny that nobody wants to expend the effort to pick up. Worse still you will find yourself labeled an ass behind your back and nobody will take you seriously anymore.