The first image is actually a sketch of our wisteria in our backyard. I did that while I was waiting for my brother to get back from the store. The rest are all fro the park/woods area near our house. In retrospect I probably should have went alone because then I could have been at my leisure, but as it was I didn’t want my brother to get bored so my sketches were rather hurried. This is both a good and bad thing in a way though, because on the one hand it made me work faster and prevented me from treating anything too preciously, but on the other hand I don’t feel I had sufficient time to take in all of the nuances and details. XP I may go back there again later in the week if the weather doesn’t become too hot.

While I was there I also took lots of photographs of the area I like to call the “Grove of Three”. It was basically a small grove of three trees at the edge of the field near a paved pathway. I think I may use the “Grove of Three” in a future comic so that was totally helpful! Oh and in the last image, I’m thinking that play may be a type of Pennywort, but it was found far enough away from the creek that it might not be…I don’t know. I’d probably need a fully detailed Audubon book for certain identification. Either way I like it’s leaves. 😉