To begin I would like to preface this and say I am using the EX version of Manga Studio, and whereas I do believe it to be mostly the same to the regular version, there is the off chance something might be a little different, so please keep that in mind while reading.

Ok, so first off you will need to create a new document in Manga Studio 4 and paste the object you wish to import onto the page. In this instance I am importing a double word balloon which is no longer part of MS5. I went ahead and made it much larger than I think I will need it because things can always be scaled smaller, and if you make your material too small and try to resize it up, there will be a quality loss. Lastly, save this document, and then we will be moving over to MS5.


So the next thing you want to do is to import the image. It’s best if you do this on a new blank document, but it’s not required.


After you import the material, the next step is to register it as a material, which you can find in the Edit menu tree.


When you click register as a material you will get this dialogue box which allows you to name the material and specify a variety of properties, which I will briefly go through. So second, after naming your material is Paste Operation. Personally I like to set things to be scaled up or down and I like to adjust after pasting, which I feel gives you the most amount of freedom and will give you greater use out of your material. Below that you will want to select your overlay which is where it will paste in the document in terms of LAYERS. This is pretty self explanatory and here in this example, since I am registering a word balloon, naturally I chose that for my overlay. Finally you need to choose a location in your materials folder tree to store your new material and select some tags. Again, pretty self explanatory. I put the word balloon material in with my other word balloons and I chose tags that I thought I would remember and probably search by if I was having trouble finding my material again. DO use the tags, they will save you grief if your materials folders become very large and you wind up wasting time trying to find an old buried material you imported X amount of months previously.


So, after you have clicked ok, you can now go find your material tucked away in it’s proper folder. When you want to use it, simply click and drag it onto your document.


Annnd, when you import the old word balloons from MS4 they will work just like a word balloon should. You can add text, resize and add tails and everything like you normally would.

Well, that’s it for this little mini tutorial, though I do want to mention that when you first install MS5, all the materials don’t automatically install with the program (at least they didn’t for me and my physical copy) so you will have to install the materials folder that comes with your install program. A lot of the materials from MS4 are in the MS5 materials, but there are some that didn’t make it in. Anyway I hope you found this helpful!