So let me say first of all that this review will be from an artist’s viewpoint, and specifically geared towards artists who are planning to display their work in a convention’s artist alley or similar venue.

I ordered a 6ft vinyl banner through Office Depot a little over a week ago and it just arrived today. This is the first time I’ve had my artwork printed so large so forgive me if I gush a little bit because I am pleased to say that I am very satisfied with this product at first blush. A 6ft vinyl banner with grommets runs around $64, but if you are a smart shopper you can get this banner for under $60 by clipping coupons. The total price of my banner with tax included was roughly $58 give or take some cents. This puts them on par with many vinyl banner printing services in terms of price. It is possible to find lower priced banners, but do keep in mind that normally the lower priced banners use thinner material and do not come with metal grommets and etc… So basically just be a smart shopper and do your research!

Overall I feel the price is very good for the quality of banner I received. It seems very durable, the colors are beautiful and rich and my artwork looks great. If I were to nitpick I would say that when you inspect the banner closely there is some pixellation, particularly where there is faint bitmap linework, but for the most part it is very crisp. Also most people won’t be getting down on eye level with your banner and viewing it from 12 inches or less away, haha.

I have yet to use this banner at convention, but I should have more info on how it weathers it’s first con next month. I will also post a better picture of the banner in action on the front of my table. When I have more info to share on my saga with this banner I will edit this posting. Until then though, I will have to say that I recommend Office Depot for printing vinyl banners for convention. It’s a good value for the quality of product you receive.