I will be Livestreaming here in about 5 minutes or so. This time I will be doing a little color work on some chibi illustrations for the website. Please drop by to just watch or chat! http://www.livestream.com/amiart

The first Livestream of the day is over, but I still have one more chibi illustration to work on so I plan to Livestream again later this evening. I’ll post an update here when I do!

8:55pm EST: Well, the chance of another Livestream tonight is not looking good due to the fact that when I decided to upgrade my version of Procaster, it took up a lot more CPU usage, which caused any unbearable lag in Painter and Photoshop. Right now I’m having to download the old version and re-install it, so with it being almost 9:00 on a work/school night, it looks like there won’t be another Livestream tonight. There is always tomorrow though!