So, the end of this comic draws near (no pun intended). We have just three more weeks of updates now! It’s great to be able to finish a comic, but I also realize that upon it’s completion I will no longer have a current webcomic. Of course I will be working on Chosen for Filthy Figments, but I have no new ideas that I feel are ready to be pulled from the oven and put up for consumption yet. I tried to force an idea to come sooner than it should, but I realize now that was a mistake. Just like baking bread, you can’t force the bread to cook any faster, and turning up the heat will only result in something that’s burnt on the outside and still undone in the middle.

Anyhow when I do feel I have something to share with you again, I will definitely be announcing it here, in my tumblr, on twitter and everywhere else I can think of. If you want to keep track of my other works or my progress on a new webcomic you can feel free to follow my twitter, tumblr or DA account. To be honest I don’t really use Facebook anymore except to check in on my relatives from time to time….that place is just much too full of spam these days and urgh, just blargh. Anyway you can find the links to my twitter, tumblr and DA up in the sidebar below the calendar. I also like to keep my own comics blog of sorts which is where I post most of my sketches. You can find it here: If you follow my twitter feed though I will usually tweet any sketches I post there so it will be easy for you to keep up to date!

Well, that’s all for now. Enjoy the end of the comic!