The Of Wolves and Men graphic novel has now been fully pre-pressed and uploaded to the printer!! So as soon as I receive my proof copy I will be able to put in my first print order, yay! So with that said, here it is, my first pre-order for the Wolves and Men graphic novel. What do you get in the graphic novel you might ask, and I can say that you get the full comic, both chapters 1&2 all the way to the end, as well as print versions of all the extra illustrations I did for the series AND a bonus sketch pages, some never seen before. :3 But that my friend is only what’s in the book, if you order now during this per-order period I will also sign your book and include a small 3 x 5 pencil sketch of the hero and/or heroine from Wolves and Men as well as a cute patoot bookmark! I am trying to shoot for the goal of having 25 pre-orders to get slight price cut on the printing, so please spread the word!! Also please keep in mind this is a pre-order and it will take roughly a month to get the books back from the printer after I receive my proof copy.

EDIT: Pre-orders are now OVER