Sims 3 – New House Download

I’ve got another house available for download on TSR. This one is another modern house, though it’s smaller than my first modern house. I used A LOT of store items in this one though, you can check on the TSR site to see all of the furniture I used. I just couldn’t help myself! I […]

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First Try with Sims 3 Custom Content

I spent some time today borrowing my brothers computer and attempting to create some of my own Sims 3 custom content. I decided to start easy and I mucked around with trying to put stencils on t-shirts. The results of my first attempt are in the pic to the left. It’s just a little Deery […]

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How to install Sims 3 Custom Content on a Mac

Since new meshing tools have arrived and it’s only a matter of time before the net is filled with awesome new hair, clothes, objects and etc…I though I would help my fellow Mac gamers out and list some easy instructions for getting this content into your game. For sims3.pack files, they are the easiest, all […]

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Sims 3: New House – Sunnyside Villa

My latest house is now completed and available for download on TSR. It’s fully decorated and landscaped, and has quite a lot of interesting features. Some of the fun features are: A master bedroom with private courtyard, extensive patios, front entry courtyard with outdoor fireplace, a loggia just off the living room, a guest suite […]

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New Custom Male Hair at PeggyZone!

I just have to squee about this a little bit. There is new custom Sims 3 male hair available for download at PeggyZone now, and it’s free! What’s even better is that it is a new mesh, so it won’t replace any of your current game hair. Anyhow I think the new hair is fabu, […]

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Robin Locksley: Blue Spirits

The unhappy memories of yesterday still weight heavily on Robin’s mind as she wakes in the evening. However, thankfully she has the night off from work tonight as she really feels she needs a nice break from the stress of work for a while. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on […]

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Sims 3: New House Preview.

This is my latest house building project. I still have quite a bit of work left to do on it, but I’m feeling pleased enough with it to post this preview. This house uses a couple of the Hewnsman objects, so it will be my first house that is not base game compatible. So far […]

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Robin Locksley: Arrested Developement

Robin wakes the next morning still feeling as melancholy and lonely as ever. Normally she would consider herself a lucky person, but for the past couple days she has been feeling anything but. With these heavy thoughts on her mind she pulls herself from bed and decides to prepare for work despite the fact that […]

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Robin Locksley: Melancholy

In the morning when Robin wakes she is feeling despondent. She would really like to meet a nice man and have a little romance in her life, but so far all of her searching has yielded nothing. Her work hours aren’t doing her any favors either since most people are at home cozy in their […]

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Robin Locksley: An Uneventful Day Off

The following evening after Robin wakes, she receives a call from the man she met last night at the library, Gunther Goth. She is a little surprised to receive a call from him, but none the less has a nice long conversation with him before she needs to get off the phone. Bookmark on Delicious […]

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