Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love

Well, I finally decided to order Tokimemo after mulling over whether or not I wanted to buy a game which would require work, meaning that only being a student of Japanese it will require more brain power to read. XD In the end I decided my desire to play the game outweighed the work involved, […]

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Harvest Moon Island of Happiness First Impressions

Seeing as Harvest Moon Island of Happiness is the next Harvest Moon game coming out, I thought I might make a preliminary mention of it since I will be more than likely purchasing it to help me get through the wait for Tree of Peace. I have to admit that so far this game hasn’t […]

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Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side US Release Petition

For what it’s worth, it looks like someone has started a petition to get the Tokimemo games released here in the US. Honestly I don’t think these things work and it’s probably better at making money rather than helping to actually get things done. Either way it can’t hurt to sign it, just be […]

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DS Emulators for Mac

The other day when I realized there were Roms available for the Tokimemo Girl’s Side series I decided to go looking for an emulator that works on the Mac. I managed to find only one, that being the DesMuMe. I don’t think any of the emulation software for the DS is perfect yet, but the […]

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Tanbi Musou Meine Liebe

Meine Liebe was my first import game, and it’s actually been a while since I’ve played it but I thought it deserved a mention in my girly gaming blog, since it is the epitome of a girly game. :3 If you don’t already know, Meine Liebe was a dating sim game produced by Konami for […]

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HMDSC – A Word on the Life Expectancy of Chickens

Now as I have entered into the fall of my fourth year, the last of my starting chickens has passed away. Your chickens actually start dying at age 4, and rarely live to see age 5 it seems. On top of this the game seems to like to target your contest winners first. My last […]

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HMDSC – Determining the Gender of Your Child

In Harvest Moon DS Cute there is the possibility of having a girl or a boy child, unlike the boy version where you always get a boy. Some people have speculated on what determines the gender of your child in cute, and I think now, after having a child and trying various things that I […]

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HMDSC – Third Trimester

It’s been typical, to judge the progress of your pregnancy in Harvest Moon games to talk to your husband to get the report. Since you usually get three different sayings, plus the final saying when the birth is a few days away, I figure that the husband’s dialog marks each trimester. In my current game […]

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Harvest Moon Tree of Peace Release Dates

I was disappointed to find out the other day that the previous July release date for the American version of Harvest Moon Tree of Peace has been changed on wikipedia to “TBA”, so not only has the release date been pushed back from June to July, but now also it appears it will be pushed […]

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New Gaming Blog

I’ve always wanted to create a fansite dedicated to all of my favorite video games, but with school and comic work to do I have always had little time to do so.  Then the other day after reading someone elses game blog I thought to myself “Why don’t I do that?”, and so here we […]

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