Hiiro no Kakera DS – Your 1st Choice and Other Random Blabber

Hiiro no Kakera is becoming an obsession for me lately, and it’s beginning to be really difficult to discipline myself to do my coursework and study for my tests rather than play! This morning though since I woke up early for no apparent reason I decided to continue my second game so I could fangirl […]

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Hiiro no Kakera DS – Screenies and Random Blabber

I decided to play a second game of Hiiro no Kakera concurrently with a ROM on my computer so I can get some decent screenshots, as I like to have pictures mixed in with my text, and taking pics of your DS with the camera is kind of a pain in the butt. XP I […]

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New Links Page – Suggest a Link

I started collecting girly gaming links and created a Links page, which the link to is up above sandwiched between About and Multimedia. It’s just a small start so far, but I will continue adding to it over time. If anyone has any links to suggest you are welcome to comment here and suggest your […]

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Hiiro no Kakera DS – Getting Started

I thought I might post some screencaps with menu translations to help anyone who may play this game after me, and need help deciphering the menus. I am always late to the party though, so probably everyone has already had their fill of the game. ^^; None the less, here is a little guide. Oh […]

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Hiiro no Kakera DS – First Impressions

So I got my hands on Hiiro no Kakera for the DS. I had been forewarned that it was very text heavy, and used lots of kanji, but the stubborn person in me said, screw it! I’m going for it! Anyway yes, there are A LOT of kanji, and I must admit I find it […]

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HMToT: Birth Event, Tao Specific *spoilers*

Now I don’t know if the dialogue really changes much or at all for each bachelor as I am still on my first game and have yet to marry anyone else, but I thought I would go ahead and share this event too since I’ve shared all the others. Just beware that it will be […]

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Harvest Moon: Exciting Animal March

So initially I wasn’t too interested in Harvest Moon: Exciting Animal March or Waku Waku March as the Japanese name goes. Mainly I had little interest in it because it looked mostly to be a remake of Tree of Tranquility but with a few new features added in here and there. As things stand now […]

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ToT: Seedlings of Hope

I mentioned the seedlings of hope earlier along with information about creating the last rainbow, when I was still searching for the right seedling. As it is I now have found the right seedling and it is growing in the goddess spring where it should be. This quest or task is really insanely easy and […]

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Ordered my first DS flash cart, wheee!

Following along with Weem’s suggestion, I decided to investigate the DS flash cart thing a little further, for you know, playing home brew games of course, *shifty eyes*. I am a complete novice/dork when it comes to these game tech things, so I decided to collect some info first before I jumped into a purchase. […]

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HMToT: Creating the last Rainbow & the Seedlings

So I finally got around to creating the last rainbow. I would have done it sooner if I hadn’t have turned that lapis lazuli stone I found in a present on the beach into a ring, or sold all my perfect honeydews the last summer. Dragging out aspects of the game doesn’t bother me too […]

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