Animal Crossing: City Folk – Nook n Go, Violin Beetles and etc…

I am more than pleased to have my Nook n’ Go now, and even more pleased to find out it’s hours….prepare yourself, what you have been hearing is true, the Nook n’ Go is open from 7am to 1am. Being a night owl myself, these extended evening hours are the awesome. It also gives me […]

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Animal Crossing: City Folk – Nook’s Upgrade and Other Blather

So, my Nook’s is finally upgrading today, and I am looking forward to marching into my new Nook n’ Go tomorrow and buying everything off the shelves, lol. Getting Nook’s first upgrade is a little different this time around though. As in Wild World, you gain points for purchasing things in his store, and once […]

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Animal Crossing City Folk: K.K. Slider and other things.

So tonight in Animal Crossing my brother and I decided that we would try visiting Totakeke together, since we had seen in preview videos that you can do so. As it is, it’s a nice feature to be able to listen to him with your buds, BUT on the other hand you cannot get your […]

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Animal Crossing: City Folk – Getting Started

So I went out to Gamestop today, picked up my pre-ordered copy of Animal Crossing City Folk, and have been pretty much playing it all day. So far I am very pleased with my purchase! In many ways it is the same old Animal Crossing, comfortable and familiar, though there are a multitude of changes […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 3 Day 1

Before the next day there is a little evening side scene. It happens directly after the events of the last chapter where everyone got their butts kicked. So now the scene fades to a street in the shopping district of the town. It’s late enough at night that it’s pretty desolate and there isn’t any […]

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Animal Crossing E3 Trailer

Just a little trailer I found on YouTube that got me excited about the new possibilities of this game. I am especially excited that you will now be able to send letters to other towns and take snapshots which you can send to your computer or other people. Anyway here is the video: If anyone […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 2 Day 3

So I realized that it really takes me several hours to make it through one day when I look up all the kanji and write out my translations….that’s pretty sad! D,:> Oh well, at least I’m still having fun, though I’d like to be able to advance the story quicker. I’m sure if it were […]

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Hiiro no Kakera DS – Another Day with too much Kanji

Heh, seriously the kanji is starting to get to me, because having to look up everything I don’t recognize is becoming rather tedious. However the desire to finish the story outweighs my discomfort at this point, and when I do look up the kanji I am able to understand everything tolerably well. Also I guess […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Meeting Shinji

I wish I didn’t have so much coursework to do right now otherwise I would have more time to play this game. As it is I really haven’t progressed very far since the kanji is difficult and I can only make time to play about a day at a time. After tomorrow’s art history test […]

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Hiiro no Kakera DS – Choice 2 and etc…

I’ve had a little more time to play both of my games, and I’ve advanced enough in my second game to come to the part where you’re given another choice. This would be the second choice overall and I believe it happens on the third day in the first chapter. Before that however there is […]

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