Hoshizora no Comic Garden – 1st Chapter

I’ve had some time this weekend to play through a little bit of Hoshizora no Comic Garden. I’ve basically made it through the first chapter of what looks to be a total of 7 chapters. I won’t be able to have very many screenshots for this game as the ROM for it doesn’t really work […]

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Wii Fit

So, I managed to get my hands on a Wii Fit board this weekend. I had some Xmas money saved up for it, but it seems like ever since Xmas, the Wii Fit has been a pain and a half to find. Anyway, Wii Fit isn’t particularly a “cute game”, but it certainly is fun […]

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Under the Radar – Avalon Code

I haven’t had much time to keep track of new games, or even play any of my current games lately because I’ve been so busy with student teaching. President’s Day is giving me a 3 day weekend though, so I thought I’d use a little free time to see what’s on the market and boy […]

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