Happy My Sweets

I discovered this game one day when I was browsing the Play-Asia site which is where I usually buy all of my import games. Anyhow it’s an otome game for the DS that came out in December of last year. In it you play a younger heroine who is drawn in a manga style that […]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time – First Impressions

Alright, so as I previously mentioned, my brother got me Echoes of Time for my birthday. I’ve had some time to play through a few dungeons, so I can offer some of my first impressions. The graphics are of course cute, and there are lots of scrolls to collect to make armor, weapons and etc….so […]

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New Game!

So, today is actually my birthday and my brother so kindly got me Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time for my DS. I really loved the first Crystal Chronicles game that came out so long ago for the Gamecube. My brother and I would multiplay that poor game into the ground day after day! […]

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