Style Savvy for the DS

Called Girl’s Mode in Japan, a new fashion game was announced at E3 by Nintendo. In this new fashion game, called Style Savvy for the US market, you will be able to create and run your own fashion boutique. Apparently you will be able to stock any of 10,000 different fashions and help your clients […]

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Sims 3 – The Phantom Stink

So I encountered my first game altering glitch today, and that was the phantom stink in the Elliot family’s kitchen. :O I thoroughly went over every inch of the room looking for dirty plates or any other nonsense. The garbage had been taken out previously, and I cleaned all surfaces in the kitchen that were […]

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Sims 3 – The Glory of the Food Processor

For those of you who have played Sims 2, the food processor was really no great shakes. It didn’t reduce cook times by much and just seemed to take up counter space. Now however, in Sims 3, the food processor is much improved! The food processor is seriously your new best friend! XD To begin […]

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Nico & Ella – Totally Preggers

Not long after their wedding one day while Ella was at work, Nico finished his best romance novel yet, and is now making enough royalties to be considered a professional author, which accomplishes his lifelong goal! Happy from achieving so much writing success, and still quite smitten with his wife, Nico suddenly decides it might […]

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Nico & Ella – A Wedding and A Burglar

The following weekend, Nico & Ella decide to throw a small wedding party to tie the knot. As I said before in a previous post, there are no more wedding arches in Sims 3, but I set up a little rose trellis for a nice backdrop. As the ceremony begins, Nico’s absentmindedness kicks in again […]

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Nico & Ella – The Proposal

The next day while Ella is off to work, Nico sets to work writing a romance novel in his underwear. :3 On a side note, romance novels have the most pages and will give you the most in royalties, however they also take the longest to write. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on […]

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Nico & Ella – What’s Burning?

The next morning Nico and Ella decide to enjoy their new study a little more and get some much needed writing done. Soon however they are starting to feel peckish and Nico goes to make some apple pancakes for brunch. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on fark Buzz it up […]

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Nico & Ella – Investigating the Garbage

Today after Nico heads off to his part time job at the bookstore, Ella hatches a plan to do a little investigative reporting. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on fark Buzz it up Share via MySpace share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tumblr it Tweet about it Subscribe to the […]

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How to upload avatars to the Sims 3 Site

Alright, it took me a while before I finally figured out how to do this as the spartan instructions on the Sims 3 site need to be a little more in depth for nerds like me. Anyway the key to have your Sim as your avatar is to share them while you are in create […]

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Nico & Ella – Steady as They Go

It’s hard to keep this blog up to date with my gaming. Even though I’ve made a few posts today, my play time with Nico & Ella has progressed even further. Anyway, today Ella has the day off because she was promoted the previous day, so now she only works four days a week. However […]

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