So apparently there is a new social game on the horizon. I don’t know too much about it yet, but apparently it will feature customizable avatars, a bedroom you can decorate, pets and other such things. On their Facebook page and Myspace they say to expect TinierMe to be out in October, and it looks […]

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Restaurant City – New Garden Plots

Today when I loaded up Restaurant City I was surprised to find new garden plots to the right of my restaurant! So with the game’s update today we will now be able to unlock the ability to grow our own ingredients. The first garden plot unlocks at level 16, and the rest unlock at other […]

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Restaurant City – More Random Tips

The first couple tips I have are money saving. One thing that ought to be helpful in saving money is to know that it does not matter which stove you use, because all stoves cook at the same speed, so there is no need to buy any of the expensive fancy stoves unless you are […]

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Restaurant City – Level 8 and the Loo

When you finally reach level 8 in Restaurant City you are given a sort of booby prize, which is the need for toilets. From this point on in the game you must have at least one clean toilet for your restaurant patrons to use. You are given a bonus of 300g, but that isn’t even […]

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Restaurant City – A Few Random Tips

I’m no expert but I did happen to notice a few things while playing Restaurant City that may be helpful to newcomers to the game. The first important thing to know is that if you have to leave your restaurant for an extended period of time, you can effectively “close” your restaurant by simply putting […]

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Playfish’s Restaurant City

Originally I didn’t pay too much attention to Playfish’s Restaurant City because the character creation system seemed limiting and left much to be desired, not to mention that this is a game where it is important to have a lot of Facebook friends so you can have people to work in your restaurant. After seeing […]

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Pet Society – Purin’s House

I’ve been working a lot on Purin’s house lately, trying to get at least the lower rooms on track to being what I’d like them to be. So far the front, or entry room is the best, and is the closest to where I want it. I still have more to do of course, like […]

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Pet Society – Purin’s Cafe Crawl

It’s been a while, but welcome to the fourth installment of Purin’s Cafe Crawl! Today when Purin entered the cafe, she honed in on a couple of dirty cowboys whose names were Poxxy and Nigel. Both were in desperate need of a bath and were attracting flies. It wasn’t every day that you saw two […]

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Harvest Moon, Animal Parade or Animal Paradise?

I went into my local Gamestop today to see if it were possible to pre-order the next Harvest Moon for the Wii and found myself surprised that they are now accepting pre-orders. In fact I just checked Gamestop’s website and they now have the game available for pre-order online now as well. The funny thing […]

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Poupee Girl – Summer Festival!

When I loaded up Poupee Girl this evening I was treated to a new scene, which is Obon! I didn’t even think about it, but yes I guess it is that time of year in Japan for summer festivals. Anyhow of course there are a whole bunch of new event items available in Katherine’s shop, […]

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