Nintendo 3DS and other ramblings.

I’ve known about the 3DS for a while now, but as it is coming closer to it’s launch date and more info has come out about it, I’m starting to get excited….just a lil. XD Apparently by the end of this month we are going to know when they will become available and also how […]

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Harvest Moon Animal Parade – After Marriage, having kids, and etc..

Right after I married the Wizard in Animal Parade, I ended up putting down the game for a while, partly because I had other things that needed to get done and also partly because the game had become a little tedious. Recently however I decided to pick it up again, and I’m glad I did, […]

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Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar – Impressions and Insights

I had pre-ordered Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar and got it on the day it came out, but I didn’t play it for a week or two until I “finished-up” with Tokimemo GS 3rd Story which I will save for another posting. Anyhow I’ve been fairly addicted to this latest Harvest Moon since picking it up, […]

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