Playfish’s Big Fumble with Pet Society.

A few days ago Playfish updated Pet Society saying it was making it better by giving you more coins for caring for your pet, more fruit on your trees to sell, and more coins for the cooked items when you sold them. It sounds all well and good right? Initially I was pleased to find more fruits on my trees, and ignored the fact that when I returned to my pet in less then 12 hours all of her status bars were in the toilet and she was starving, unhappy and filthy. I originally thought perhaps it was a glitch with the update and would go away, but as the days wear on I’m finding that is not the case, that this is the new reality of Pet Society.

One of the things I enjoyed about Pet Society was that unlike other pets they had more interactions, and you didn’t have to log in every hour to maintain their health. As a working stiff you could still enjoy this game because after being away for so many hours you could return to your pet, and they would still be happy and healthy and you could play with them for a while, feed em’ a little and then put them away. Now if you have to be away, by the time you get back to your pet they are miserable, and all of the extra gold you earn is used towards spending 65+ gold on refilling your pets hunger bar. So really after the lotto wheel (which I think sucks too but I won’t go into that) and getting all of your pets status bars back up to full, your net gain of coins is the same as if it were the old game, except now you are given the added frustration of returning to a pet who looks like they are knocking on death’s door, making you feel like you are a terrible person for letting this tiny digital creature get this way.

I don’t know if this is a ploy to get us to spend money on batteries for the nannybot or what, but really it all sounds like a booby prize to me. I don’t really like the game the way it is now, and I can foresee myself dropping the game altogether if this is not changed. Anyhow my main focus in this post is to help get the word out about this to other people who feel the same way, because we do have a voice and could possibly use it to change things. There are a number of threads popping up on the Playfish forums about this, but I will just draw your attention to one of the longer ones I found and participated in:

If you don’t like these changes either, then get the word out if you have a blog, and go post your opinion and vote in the poll in this thread!

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