Comic Garden Chapter 6 – Ryou (Part 2)

Ok so we left off with going to map mode. Because I was anxious to get through this chapter I only visited with Keigo and Ryou. Actually though if you are going for either of their endings that’s really all who you need to visit. To be honest, by visiting too many people it makes the game drag on and could convolute or change your endings, so be sure to use a guide if you want anyone else but Ryou in the game. Since Ryou is canon, he is easy to get. Anyway on with map mode.

You run into Keigo out in the shopping area in front of the station. He is apparently headed out on a journey/trip. At this point you have some choices, you can bid him to have a safe trip, ask him not to go, or one other option I forgot about. Depending on how you answer determines how many LP you get. One guide says you should wish him a safe trip, and the other thinks you should stop him. I actually played through both of those dialogues, and the dialogue changes a little for both, but in the end what it comes down to is that Keigo is looking for material for manga, and you wind up going with him and taking him to an outdoor skating rink.

When you arrive at the rink, you are trying to get Keigo to go have a “slip” with you on the ice. He doesn’t want to and says he doesn’t like “slip” material and says he is leaving. You stop him and tell him that the material here is the challenge. He still doesn’t know, he doesn’t want to slip and fall and moreover what if he broke a bone. You tell him not to worry and that you’ll teach him. He is surprised that you will teach him and decides to go along with it. Next though you are treated to a black screen with dialogue which is totally disappointing because there could have totally been a good CG here!! Anyway you are instructing Keigo how to stand on the ice, balance and move his feet. He feels emboldened that he hasn’t slipped, and when you tell him to let go of the railing he does, but then he slips and drags you down onto the ice with him. He is a big baby about falling down and apparently he has also fallen on top of you, which you find embarrasing…..see we really need a CG here! Unless my game is defective….hmmmm.

After you get off the ice, Keigo is upset because he was terrible, and you tell him that he tried his best. He is cheered up a bit and says that it was the first time he experienced walking on ice. You tell him that next time you’ll slide a little longer and it will be fun, to which he responds no that his feet are bound. After this you decide to head back, and Keigo mentions how the rink is pretty at night and that he is glad he came to see the scenery together with you. He says he had fun and you tell him you did too.

You return to the area in front of the station and Keigo suggests that since it’s late you go have dinner. He says it will be in thanks to his coach and you’ll have a feast. Inside the restaurant Keigo gives you a toast and you clink your glasses and whatnot. It also appears that Keigo ordered a ton of food for you to share, lol. Anyhow at this point you can now ask him the 3 questions that are given to you.

You first ask him if he found any good material. He says he did and repeats that today was the first time in his life he was on ice, and that he’s glad that he was able to do it, however his feet still hurt and he still can’t approve of it. Next you ask him about his impressions of skating, to which he replies that his feet hurt and he thinks his body is no good. He thinks it is also cold and a nonsense sport. XD In the end though he feels the experience was fruitful. Lastly you ask him about going overseas for production work. Keigo said he would do it if they wanted to do it, but he can’t say as he’d be going for the pleasure of it. You then ask him if he doesn’t want to go to a foreign country. He says that he thinks there is a variety of things to see, but it would be good to become more experienced. I guess he feels he still has a ways to go.

After question time you return to wondering about Ryou and ask Todoroki if you can ask one more question. You tell him it’s about Ryou. Keigo looks a little upset but he’ll listen. You ask him if he thinks Ryou has been acting funny lately, and you tell him you are worried. Keigo says that Ryou is acting strange, but he doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about. He also thinks that Ryou is an adult and can find the solution on his own. Keigo then wants you to raise your glass again and suggests that you can get drunk together and go home in good spirits, LOL. XD You feel Keigo is dodging your question a bit, and then he gets serious and asks you what you really think of Ryou. Your’e all like huh? and then Keigo gets pouty and says it’s nothing, and thus ends your pseudo date with Keigo.

As you enter the house, you hear voices coming from Ryou’s room. Ren and Ryou seems to be arguing. Ren wants Ryou to talk about it, but Ryou just says it’s none of her business. Ren then tells him that everyone is worried about him, including you. Ryou’s only response is to remain stoic about it, that it’s his problem, and it’s nothing. You decide then to rush into the room as you are worried about the two fighting. They are both surprised and Ryou wants to know what you want. You ask them if they are ok and Ren gets a grave look on her face and says she’s ok. Ryou just says that your meddling is unecessary. Ren then gets upset and tells Ryou he is being hateful and announces that she is going out for a while. You and Ryou are left standing in silence for a while and you wonder to yourself if you should share your distress with him, and the correct choice at this point for a Ryou or Keigo ending would be to say to leave it be. Then you start to wonder about this Mizushima character and you think to ask Ryou. Again you have a choice, but the correct response is to not say anything about it.

Finally Ryou breaks the silence with a “what?” and you say it’s nothing and ask him what he’s doing. He says that he is in the middle of studying French and explains that lately he’s begun helping his dad with work and plans to help out more in the future. You tell him that as always, he is enthusiastic, and he tells you that it’s the same thing with your manga and your having gone to Kanzaki’s hometown. He then announces that now that he’s distracted he is going to go get some coffee (hey I thought you said you quit it!) XD. Anyway you apologize for intruding but he tells you it;s ok that he needs a breather anyway.

The scene now changes to the living room and Ryou wonders if there is something you want to talk about. You fumble with a response, and he suddenly apologizes for what happened yesterday, saying he went too far. AT this point now you get to ask him the 3 questions given to you. First you can ask him about what happened with Ren. He says that Ren just had a complaint concerning his attitude and it was really nothing in particular. You are still concerned though since you have never seen Ren use such harsh words with him before. Ryou’s response to that is to tell you that you are not involved and you shouldn’t concern yourself with it.

The next question you can ask Ryou about his favorite food. He will be surprised and wonders why you want to know all of the sudden and you explain that rather than Ryou cooking all the time you could reverse the role and you could cook. Ryou then blushes and tells you his favorite food is curry. Lastly you ask him about vacationing abroad. You tell him it’s his 4th year of college and wonder if he has considered a graduation trip. He says he hasn’t, but you would still like to know where he would go. He then tells you that he’d go to France and meet/study under other confectionary makers. You then say that France is nice and you find yourself a little envious, to which Ryou just gets an irritated face and says that he’s had enough and is going back to his room. Before he heads off though you decide to confront him about his avoiding you. You ask him if it’s just your imagination that he’s been avoiding you, and again he wears and angry face. You ask him if you said something strange, and that he seems angry, to which we get a cryptic “you… feelings…..” quickly followed by his asking you what you think about Todoroki. You tell him that you think Keigo is a wonderful mangaka master and that you respect him. Ryou asks if that’s it, and you don’t quite get his meaning. Then Ryou says it’s nothing and goes to his room.

Thus ends this map mode as I didn’t visit anyone else.

Next Keigo catches you as you are leaving and wants to know where you are going. You tell him Kanzaki had called you to Kanaria’s office. He wishes you safe travels and the next scene take you to the office. AT the office Kanzaki tells you that the your short story has been reviewed by the readers and that you got great praise. He reads over a few of the readers notes for you, which compliment various parts of your manga, then tells you that the upper offices could pick it up for serialization but some changes need to be made first. You are of course overjoyed, but Kanzaki won’t let you revel in it and tells you that this is your big chance, but he wonders if you have it in you to do it because you have work and school. He wonders if adding being a mangaka into the mix would be too much. He doesn’t think you can handle all three at the same time. He says the story needs to be sweeter, and he thinks you take too long to produce a single prototype. He asks you what you want to do. You wonder if you might talk with another new artist, and Kanzaki reminds you that this chance will not come again. You however want to do it and tell him so, which pleases him.

I am going to end this post here because it’s so long and go ahead and try to do the rest in a third part, but because my notes are pretty extensive and the chapter is long, it might take more parts. XP

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