Comic Garden Chapter 6 – Ryou (Part 3)

So we left off with you returning home after being in the office with Kanzaki. Ren greets you at the door and noticing your troubled face, wants you to come in and have some tea. You explain to her that as your story isn’t good enough just yet, and that you take too much time and etc… About this same time Ryou comes out into the hall, and you have the choice to tell him your worries or keep silent, and the correct choice is to tell him your troubles. You then proceed to tell Ryou all of what Kanzaki said, that your story is insufficient and the deadline is drawing near. You also mention that you remember that Ryou was always good with composition, and you ask him if he can give you some advice. However Ryou tells you that now is not good, as he’s busy, then he says he is going out for a bit and he’ll return in the evening. Ren is irritable over Ryou’s response, and you wonder to yourself about what might be wrong.

In the next scene you are in your bedroom and the evening has come and you head out into the living room. There you find HIbiki who is congratulating you and calling you sensei. Kyouichi pipes in with much the same, congratulating you on your serialization. You correct them and tell them it hasn’t been fully decided, that you have to come up with new prototype material. Hibiki tells you it’s ok, that he will always help you, and like a echo Kyouichi says very nearly the same thing as well. About this time Keigo walks in and says that everyone has sweet thoughts, but that that hard part is from now on. He then gets a grim face and mentions that his story is actually now ending serialization and then he absentmindedly calls out the the “material gods.” XD

As everyone prepares to tuck into dinner, Ryou finally returns home and tells everyone to go ahead and start without him. Kyouichi doesn’t understand why Ryou won’t come celebrate with them and Ryou’s response is that it really hasn;t been decided yet and that celebration is unnecessary. Either way Ren and the others continue to congratulate you and Ren tries to cheer you by saying that Ryou believes in you too, he’s just too bashful to say, and adds “Right Ryou?” Ryou sticks with his too soon to celebrate spiel and points out that the there is no story composition yet, and the serialization hasn’t been formally announced. This irritates everyone and HIbiki confronts Ryou about his odd behavior lately. He then proceeds to tell Ryou that he was good at writing back in the day and that he should give you advice. At this point you decide to ask Ryou who Mizushima is and explain about the broken seal on the special delivery letter, asking may questions as you go. Ryou doesn;t give you an answer, but Ren continues to press him. Finally he asks you what it is you really want to say and here you get a choice between three different answers. Again your answer decides how many LP Ryou gets, and there are conflicting reports from the two FAQs I used. No matter what you say though, it is revealed that Ryou is actually Mizushima and he calls you “baka” again. :p Everyone of course is shocked by the news, but even more so they feel betrayed because Ryou couldn’t place any trust in them with his secret. Ryou says that he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want it to be a bother, and Ren tells him that’s not the issue at all. Hibiki says that by Ryou’s lack of trust in them he is basically saying that they are not worth worrying about, or something to this extent, and from there the whole thing blows up into an argument, and you plead with Ryou asking him why he kept the secret. You tell him that the Ryou from before surely would have told them, and that you also thought his dream was to work for Silgrasse’, adding a stinging “or is that too a lie”. Finally your coup de gras is yelling at him and telling him you don’t understand him. At this, Ryou gets angry and tells you that it’s easy for you to say and that you don’t know anything, and he doesn’t understand how you can say that when you don’t know anything. He then proceeds to storm out of the room leaving you in tears.

The next morning when you wake you remember that last night when everything transpired, that Todoroki didn’t say a word, and you decide to go talk to him. As you enter, Keigo immediately gives you a sad face and tells you straight away that he knew. He explains that many times there would be special delivery mail delivered with that name, and he often had to sign in Ryou’s absence which is presumably how he found out. He also mentions that he had read Ryou’s work many times in the past. You ask Keigo why Ryou didn’t tell you guys about it. Keigo thinks if it’s about not speaking about it, probably it has something to do with the fact that Ryou intends to go to work for Silgrasse’. He then expands on that and tells you that Ryou’s father expects him to take over the business. After that I got frustrated and skipped a few lines, but after you finish talking about Ryou, Keigo then wants to know how your manga work is going, and says with a smile that if you are wasting time then Kanzaki will be angry. You thank him for his concern and then head off to do you work.

As you are working however, you are getting frustrated by not being able to pull together a good story and decide to head out of your room to drink a little coffee. Hibiki and Kyouichi are out in the living room preparing to watch their favorite anime. They want you to watch with them, and you decline saying you need to work. They ask you how it’s going, and you tell them you have a variety of good ideas floating around. You then get a choice here on whether to ask for Kyouichi’s help or Hibiki’s help. I chose Hibiki because tbh Kyouichi makes me all bleh. Really it’s your call on this one. Anyway Hibiki is happy you asked, but he thinks you should consult Ryou in this one. Afterwards you head into the hall, but Ryou doesn’t seem to be in and you decide to instead go out and search for ideas. You make it to a shopping area near the station and see Valentine chocolate being sold, and you realize you forgot Valentines day. You decide to buy some chocolates, and afterwards you enter the second map mode.

Map Mode 2

You run into Keigo at Kanaria’s offices after being summoned by Kanzaki. Keigo wonders what you are doing here and you wonder the same thing about him. Keigo says that as for him, he is getting chocolate. You then wonder to yourself if Keigo had been getting a lot of chocolate from the people in the editing division office, and you notice that he has already eaten a little bit from all of it. You tell him it’s good to receive the chocolate, but you don’t understand why he is eating it here. He says he wants to eat it fresh and you tell him that when it comes to chocolate, freshness doesn’t matter. He then replies that he wants to quickly digest the fans thoughts. At this point Kanzaki shows up and says that sensei won’t leave and explains that the chocolate was delivered for one of Keigo’s characters. Kanzaki says that editing office is not a place to play and he wants Keigo to take it home and eat it. Again Keigo chimes in with the freshness thing, and then Kanzaki tells you that he is relying on you to get Keigo and his chocolate out of the office, yays! XD After that he vanishes. Keigo then says that Kanzaki is terrible and that he ignored what he said. Suddenly Kanzaki returns however, startling you, as he informs Keigo that after he has eaten his fill that Keigo needs to tally how many fan choco was recieved for each character. Anyway after that you and Keigo pack up the chocolates in bags and prepare to carry them home.

Now at this point, because of the route I went down, Keigo is the only person I can give chocolates to, as it doesn’t come up as an option for Ryou even if I got visit him in map mode. If you have gone down another characters path though, they all have options for you to give them chocolate in map mode. Anyway before you head out of the office, you give Keigo the chocolate…now you do have the choice between giri choco and expensive choco, of course I gave him the good stuff. :) He is surprised to be receiving the expensive chocolate and wonders if it is really ok, and says really you should give it to a boyfriend. You tell Keigo that you don’t have a boyfriend, and then begin to wonder if it’s unwanted, to which Keigo tells you he is happy…….really, with emphasis on really.

Finally you make it out of the office and are on your way home. On your walk home you tell Keigo that you think Kanzaki si angry that you don’t have your prototype done yet, and after a little chat about work you decide to ask Keigo about Ryou. Keigo says that he already told you he doesn’t understand what Ryou is thinking but that he feels a little burned by Ryou who is his own relative and mentions about being rivals. After this you are then treated to a nice dokidoki CG where Keigo has an arm around you and looks as if he is going to kiss you. He then tells you that he caught you. After that however Keigo acts like nothing happened and you go inside to have tea and sort through chocolate. As you sort through the chocolate and make tallies, Keigo hands you a crumpled envelope inside of which was some chocolate for your character. You are overjoyed, but lament that your short still isn’t drawn. Keigo then tells you that your shorts character is a charming person. You feel honored by this compliment, and Keigo simply replies with a smiles that you should do you best for serialization for the fan who sent it. After the work is done tallying the chocolates, You both fumble around for words, wanting to say something more, but neither of you having the courage. In the end you leave to go back to you room and after you leave, Keigo is sad.

If you are going Keigo’s route, you can actually skip this entirely, but there is a CG so you may as well go for it. Anyway at home you are wondering if Ryou is home yet and go to know on his door. There is no answer but his door is partially open so you decide to go in anyway and you realize that Ryou is sleeping. As you glance around the room you notice that there are an awful lot of pamphlets lying around that are about going overseas, particularly to France. You wonder if Ryou is planning a trip soon. You also spy a book on Ryou’s table and you realize it’s the mangaka oniisan’s book that he gave to you. You wonder what it’s doing here, but then your realize that this book is 12th edition and bought recently. You then remember how this was the first manga you had seen and it is what inspired you to be a mangaka. You wonder if Ryou remembers too. Next to the book are some papers as well, and you realize that it’s Ryou’s writing. At this point you have a choice to read it or not, and reading is the correct choice. You sit down to read it, and there is a little time fast forward. After you have finished reading it, you are impressed with it and realize that you know nothing of Ryou. You are impressed by his skill and the beautiful world he created and think that you would like to draw it. About this time you start hearing noises like Ryou is waking up. You get a choice to wake him or not, and the correct choice is to wake him. :) When you try to wake him you do not succeed and are suddenly treated to a beautiful CG where Ryou (in his sleep) pulls you into his bed with him. He then starts sleep talking a little bit and says you name and tells you not to go. You notice that he has some tears on his face. You think to yourself that it’s warm in Ryou’s embrace, but decide to leave and come back later to consult him.

Ok, I’m cutting this post here and in a fourth and final post I will finish this chapter up to the choice that will branch you into the different endings.

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