Hoshizora no Comic Garden – Keigo’s True Ending

As with Ryou’s ending, I am putting all of this entry behind a cut so that nobody accidentally spoils anything for themselves. Unlike Ryou’s ending however, I took the time to write down things and look up kanji I didn’t know, so Keigo’s ending will have more substance. I also liked Keigo’s ending the best, though for a while it seems very gut wrenchingly dramatic and you may find yourself thinking that you aren’t getting his true ending, hehe. Anyway again I’ve included one of the three or four CGs you get going down Keigo’s route. On with the story…..

After you tell Ryou that you have someone you like in chapter 6, you are treated to a painful scene rejection scene and the day after Ryou leaves for France. You were lucky enough to catch him before he goes, as he wanted to slip away without saying goodbye because it would be too painful. It’s still depressing for you to see Ryou go and you cry despite your promise not to. That night Ren sleeps by your side and you get a CG of Ren in pajamas. Ren tells you not to worry that she’s there for you.

In the next scene you are visiting Keigo and he asks you if you are sad now that Ryou is gone. You tell him that you are lonely, but you have your work to focus on, so you are not down. Keigo then mentions that now that your serialization is set, he wonders if you shouldn’t return to your home now. You are a little taken aback and ask him if you have become a bother. Keigo tells you that’s not what he said and explains that now that you are serialized and will be a mangaka from now on, that he needs to adhere to the promise he made to your father and thinks that you should go meet and talk with your father. You decide that you should also talk to your father in order to keep the promise. Keigo thinks that is best, but after a pause you ask him if it’s ok (with your father), if you can remain here in the house and work together with Keigo. Of course Keigo is surprised by this and says he is happy, but that you both have serializations to work on and he doesn’t think things would flow right. You don’t know what to say to this, and Keigo says that it was a joke, that he’s happy, but he still thinks you need to talk to your father. You then wonder if Keigo shouldn’t go with you to talk to your father, but Keigo says that previously there were caustic words between he and your father and he feels that meeting with your father would be fruitless. You then apologize for being too forward and Keigo tells you it’s ok, that it was a beautiful thought and then suggests you put the finishing touches on today’s work. After this you get a short aside with Keigo as he thinks to himself how you are a stubborn apprentice and sticking on to the bitter end. He also mentions something about his frail heart and mind being unable to meet/agree and then alludes to your not knowing about something.

In the next scene you have decided to look through Ryou’s recipes with the intention of preparing dinner. Ren offers her help as well and you begin cooking as the scene changes from the kitchen to Keigo’s room where he is talking with Kanzaki. Kanzaki mentions that in such a short time that you had grown into an adult mangaka and says that it was thanks to Todoroki’s guidance. Keigo thanks Kanzaki for the thought but says that it was through your own effort that you blossomed into a genius. Kanzaki then mentions that your manga is a great arrival and Keigo says that it happened just at the right time. After that however Kanzaki doesn’t seem to want to talk business anymore and asks Keigo about the the intention he (Keigo) had talked with him about earlier. Kanzaki tells him that he understands Keigo’s feelings, but he wonders if Keigo had considered your feelings.

Back in the kitchen where you are busy preparing dinner, you wind up cutting your finger, and what’s more you cut a finger on your main hand. Ren freaks out and gives you first aid and thinks that you shouldn’t cook anymore. However Hibiki and Kyouichi come sniffing around for dinner and then you all wonder what you should do for dinner if you can’t cook. Apparently Ren is a terrible cook, and Hibiki says the best he can do is cup ramen. Kyouichi makes a ridiculous recommendation that you hire a maid, which is met with consternation by everyone, especially since nobody has that kind of money to spare. About this time Keigo arrives on the scene and when he is asked what he thinks, he just says that he thinks you should go home and leaves. Everyone wonders what is up with him and you decide to head off to talk with him.

In Keigo’s room you ask him what he meant by what he said earlier and his only answer is that was my meaning. He then goes on to tell you that you have already started a splendid serialization and that hands are most important to a mangaka, and you went and cut your finger. He then calls you a spoiled child and goes into his sensei freak out mode over your finger. You insist that you can still draw, but he tells you it’s not about that and by this time Hibiki, havign heard all of the yelling comes into the room and offers his services as an assistant. Keigo however is still insisting that you go see your parents and suggests that before long you can resign as his apprentice because you have already become a mangaka. You tell him that you still want to learn from him and he replies that, no his role is done, and then tells you that this conversation is over and asks you to leave.

Back in your room you are troubled over what Keigo had said and Ren comes to try to cheer you up. She knows that you are in love with Keigo and gives you some words of encouragement before you settle in for the night. The next morning as you are leaving to return to your parents house, everyone sees you off and makes you promise to return for dinner later that evening. However Keigo said nothing to you as you left and you begin to wonder if he really does desire for you to go.

At home you are met with an empty house, so you decided to try to call your parents at their cell phones, but both of them go to voice mail. You wait and wait and wonder where they could possibly be when finally your mother enters the house. She is surprised to find you there, and when you ask her where your father is she relays the bad news to you. Your father, earlier this morning had a stroke and was taken immediately to the hospital. Your mother had only returned to the house to pick up some extra bags. You ask your mother if she wasn’t going to let you know, and she explains that your father currently can’t speak and is unconscious so she had thought it would have been best if you concentrated on your work for now. However now that you are home, you wind up going to the hospital together where your father is lying unconscious in a hospital bed.

After you visit the hospital you return to the house as you had planned for dinner. Immediately everyone knows that something is wrong and you explain what had happened to your father. Keigo seems to take the news badly and mentions that he will inform Kanzaki. After dinner you return home again where your mother continues to worry about your work.

Next the scene changes to the campus where you happen upon Hibiki and Ren. They too are worried about your work schedule and they both offer to lend you a hand. You end up going into an empty lecture hall to work on your manga, but really your friends aren’t cut out for the job and they suggest that maybe you can ask Keigo for help. You know that you want to talk to Keigo, but after his words you are unsure. In the end you wind up going back home where your mother after seeing your distressed face, again worries for your work.

The next day when you go to turn your work into Kanzaki he tells you that it’s no good. You then explain that with your father in the hospital and etc…and Kanzaki tells you to talk to Keigo, and says that you are a pro now (and you need to act like one) He will also give you another day to re-do it.

You finally give in to go see Keigo and he tells you that it shouldn’t be impossible to re-draw. He then asks you that if you had to choose between manga or family, which would you choose. Now at this point one guide says that no matter what you answer that you will be heading down Keigo’s true ending, but another says you need to say “I choose my family” I went ahead and said I choose my family to be on the safe side. After you tell him that he will say that is good and then says let’s concentrate on the work, and you both wind up working through the night on finishing your manga. In the morning it is completed and you thank him for his help, and he says it was nothing for a fellow mangaka. After this you finally confess to him, you tell him that you love him and he seems surprised, then says “I love you too, you’re a cute assistant.” You then say that’s not exactly what you meant and Keigo proceeds to tell you that you’ve confused student-teacher love for real love and that after a while you’ll cool down and that you are better off with someone your age. You tell him that he’s wrong that that is not it at all and then says “shouldn’t you be going?” …….See what I mean about drama! After this and the last scene surely anyone playing for the first time must feel that they have gone down the wrong end!

Anyway after that disappointment you turn your work into Kanzaki and he approves it and wishes you to hang in there until next month. After turning in your work, you go to visit your father in the hospital again and afterwards have a chat with your mother over tea. She tells you that your father’s left leg (or what it right? I always confuse migi and hidari, lol) is paralyzed and that walking again may be impossible for him. You are shocked by the news and when your mother prepares to return to the hospital, you tell her you will go to, but she tells you no, that she instead wants you to go home and rest.

After leaving your mother you yet again return to Keigo’s house, and again Keigo tells you he thinks you should go home. You say that you are his assistant, and he tells you not to worry about it anymore because he has a new assitant coming in. He then proceeds to inform you that you are no longer his assistant and asks you to please go home to watch after your father. You ask him “what about my feelings.” and his reply is simply that they are an annoyance. After this you begin to argue and finally Keigo let’s it out that your father was responsible for his family’s death! After leveling such a truth on you he then adds that he is not your teacher and you are not his student. You demand an explanation, but his response is that he is already done with it, that you have nothing to do and he just tells you “leave.” You response is no and he then tells you that if you don’t go that he will just go out. After that you finally decide to leave and are in shock by the revelation Keigo laid on you.

The next morning when you wake your mother is concerned as she tells you that your face looks terrible and you have bags under your eyes. She wants to know what’s wrong and your answer is that it’s a variety of things but you think to yourself that it’s mostly about Todoroki’s shocking news. You wonder then if you can’t love him because of it and decide that you should go talk to your dad, but you wonder if it might not be a good idea.

None the less you go to visit your father anyway and are treated to a CG of your father sitting up in a hospital bed. You ask your father how he is doing and he says he is just a little tired, and then you catch glimpse of a photo album and mention it. Your father tells you that at his request your mother brought it to him. You dad then tells you that during your childhood he only lived for work, and you agree with that sentiment and ask if he has pictures of your childhood. He then points out a specific photo to youand asks you if you remember it. It was the day that you went on a picnic with Ryou when your father had time off from work. You say that you remember that you got lost in the forest. and that a gentle Oniisan helped you and gave you a manga book. You father then tells you that several days later and unhappy event happened, and from that, for quite a while he didn’t come home, and he apologizes. You then decide to ask your father is he knew Todoroki from back then and your father is surprised by your question. He confesses that he knew, and you tell him that you really want to know, and that you won’t be able to move forward until you know. Your father then decides he will tell you and explains that for a building project his construction company was doing, they were buying up the surrounding land, but the Todorokis didn’t think they wanted to leave their land. Keigo’s father was a potter and inside the house was the studio, and to them this lifeline was important, however the land was eventually bought and they were asked to leave. Your father confesses that he was tenacious and that every day he went to negotiate, but then one day he heard that the truck the family was riding in slid on a snowy road and the family died. Because of his role in getting the family to leave, your father then said he became distressed. He then went on to talk about the day that he came to fetch you from Keigo’s house. He said that the first time he met Keigo he was immediately judged by him, and then to find you living in his house worried him because he knew you were his enemy’s daughter. You father then tells you that youare not Todoriki’s enemy that he is and then your father tells you that Todoroki was that mangaka from that time as a child, he was the one who gave you the manga book. ……At this you wonder how Ryou can be so canon, it seems to me Todoroki should be canon since it all works itself into a neat little ball.

After this you decide you are going to go see Keigo one last time with the intention of telling him you are quitting manga. When you arrive at the house however it is completely dark, and as you go from room to room flipping on lights and seeing if anyone is home you get some asides of Keigo’s thoughts where he wonders to himself why he told you what he did and acknowledges that you have nothing to do with that. He then wonders if it’s ok for him to be with……(you). And finally you come to the room where Keigo is, and get a CG of him sitting on the floor in the dark. He then asks you what you are doing here and says you have no business with him, and asks you to go quickly, and wonders if you forgot something. You tell him yes, but rather than something you forgot, you are delivering something he forgot. You tell him that you heard it all from your father. Keigo then says you should understand now, but in spite of that you still meet. You then tell him that you want him to return to his former self, and wonders if it is impossible to do so, and you think then that if you cannot love him then you must be disliked afterall. You tell him this is terrible and then proceed to give him back the manga book he gave you so many years ago, telling him that it was an important book because it was the book that made you want to become a mangaka. Keigo is shocked to see that book, and at that point you tell him that you are quitting manga and tell him that you love him, and it’s a love from the heart. At this point you are FINALLY treated to one of your love ending CGs as Keigo suddenly embraces you.


Keigo then asks you if you will come back to his house, and you tell him yes, you will come back. Keigo then says that all this time he has drawn manga to console your crying and that at that time back then he had lost his way, and that because of your encounter with you in the woods he continued drawing. He said it was at his lowest time, and that because your reading his manga made you smile, that was the real reason he continued and became a mangaka. He then tells you that he loves you and explains that after Ryou left he had to confront his own feelings and was suffering, so he wound up driving you away and ran from his feelings. He then asks you to love him and tells you he gives you his love. You then tell him that you love him and that you want to be the place that he returns to, after which you tell him okaerinasai and he tells you tadaima.

In the next scene everyone is celebrating the start of your serialization in Keigo’s house, and you get a call from your dad too congrtulating you and tell you that your work is wonderful…awww, dad…. XD Afterwards though Keigo blushingly asks if you you might like to go on a date, to which you agree and you wind up going back to Chinatown where you had previously gone a year earlier. You start out by talking about work, but then Keigo suddenly kisses you, sorry no CG, just a black screen and sound effect. XP He then mentions how your lips are sweet and wonders if rather than work you can just kiss again. XD

Presumably sometime later we get a scene where Keigo is inside your house begging your father to let him have you, ie he’s asking for your hand in marriage. Your father is still concerned over being Keigo’s enemy, but they talk it through and your father gives his approval as in the next scene when you are in Keigo’s room helping with manga, your senpai acknowledges you as Todoroki’s wife. :3 After your senpai leaves you are very suddenly treated to another CG of Keigo kissing you and telling you not to go back to your room tonight….hehe.

Finally in the last scene everyone (including Ryou) is back at the house. It appears your manga is going to be made into a anime and there is much congratulations going around. Keigo then walks in and tells you of a dream he had where a prince and princess were lost in the woods….basically it was a recounting of your story together, and it ends happily. You get your last CG now of you and Keigo smiling and happy together in an embrace and he makes allusions to having a happy family and everyone then congratulates you and thus ends Keigo’s true ending. Again like Ryou’s you will be prompted to clear a save to create a 2nd play file.

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