Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 3 – Day 3

This day seems to go on longer than the others, but maybe that’s because it contains the dramatic conclusion to chapter 3. Anyway this is a tough day, and by the end of chapter 3 you will be feeling demoralized. Sound threatening? >:D Anyway on with the day…..

c03d03shinjiadmireAs usual you are spending your lunch hour on the roof with your harem, er, I mean your guardians. XD The weather is good today too and you are feeling hopeful, but also worried about tonight, because you must meet with Aria in what will be a decisive battle. You seem to want to talk about the impending battle, at least for preparedness sake, but none of the boys seem to interested in talking about it. Either way it relieves you though to be there with your friends, and although you find fighting scary, you know that your guardians are trustworthy and so on and so forth. Around this time you notice for the second time that Mahiro seems to be taking enjoyment in something he is looking down on from the roof and you ask him what is up. He gives you an earnest compliment and tells you that he’ll do his best (in battle), and then the other boys will follow suit and tell you they will do their best too. However you are displeased that you don’t have a duty as well, and Yuichi tells you that you are their support…..and I say, some support, so far all we’ve been able to do is be scared, see kamisama and get headaches! I’ll digress though. Anyhow Shinji then tells you that he respects you and it makes you embarrassed and blushy. You want to know why all of the sudden everyone is so generous with the compliments and Takuma tells you that it helps team work go up before a battle….*shrug* Either way you are happy over their kind words.

c03d03mahiroindecentangry At this point you decide you must know what Mahiro is all on about as he is looking down on the campus and you go over to look and find that he is watching Fiona sensei eating her lunch under a tree surrounded by cute girls. You give him a cold stare and tell him he’s indecent, LOL! XD And then of course he gets really angry, and says something that basically sums up into “boys will be boys” and then he looks around for the support of the other guys, because obviously looking at beautiful women is an important manly sort of thing to be doing. Takuma responds first and says that being put together with Mahiro is disagreeable, and then the other boys continue shooting Mahiro down. On top of that Yuuichi even goes so far as to say that Mahiro has been growing impudent and that his ego doesn’t stop swelling…..What’s funny is though is that Mahiro always seems to defer to Yuuichi, and rather than becoming more angry at this point, he gives it up.

c03d03shinpaishinai After that folly everyone grows silent for a while and you start to worry about the upcoming battle again. You wind up muttering to yourself “I wonder if we’ll be victorious, to which Yuuichi tells you not to worry that you will have a certain victory. Mahiro then pipes in with the fact that he’s here too and he won’t be defeated. You are glad for their sentiments, and feel a little relieved before you head back to class.

In the next scene you are back in the classroom. It’s now the end of the school day and you are the only one left in the room. You start to think to yourself about how originally you didn’t even want to come to this village, but now there are so many important things here. Now from here though you go on to battle, and again you worry. You are scared and you don’t want anyone or yourself to get injured or killed. Beyond that that you are still dissatisfied that about not being able to do anything. You decide not to stay in the classroom much longer though and get up to head out.

c03d03kiyono In the hallway much to your surprise, Kiyono comes walking up. You remember that she had left homeroom earlier because of some business and find it surprising that she has suddenly come back. You ask her if she left something and she tells you no, but rather she was wondering how you were doing and came to check up on you. At this point you have a side thought that you think Kiyono is being strange, and I certainly think so too! After that then, Kiyono suddenly asks if she can come over and stay the night! You are taken aback by this and Kiyono then retracts her request and says she just wants to hang out and play, then makes you feel guilty for having not gone out and done anything with her yet. You apologize and tell her that tonight isn’t a good night, but next time for sure. This is apparently good enough for Kiyono as she then heads off again, but before she leaves she tells you to come to school tomorrow too, and that she will be waiting for you. At this point one has to wonder about Kiyono…..I mean it’s awfully suspicious that she suddenly wanted to have a sleepover on the night of the big battle and is concerned over you. When you consider who her uncle is you almost have to be doubly suspicious. Maybe Kiyono is just a nosy girl and has been spying on her uncle’s business so she knows something, but either way, like I said before it would be really disappointing to have the only friend character in your game betray you in the end.

c03d03yukiworryWhen you go home, you head to your room first where you again worry over things, repeating a lot of the same things from earlier in the day along with a few new. You know you are not prepared and that the guys from Logos have overwhelming power, and image of which is burned in your head from the last battle. You winder if you might die, though you aren’t resigned to it and suddenly have the thought of running away from this place, though you will not. Your pet then “Ni’s” at you and you tell him not to worry, and that you’ll do your best. About this time though everyone has gathere at the entryway to the house and you decide you should head out there too.

As you arrive and ask if you shall depart now, Takuma asks you if your still going to come. You tell him that was the plan, that you are supposed to meet with Aria and you ask him if he thinks you shouldn’t go. Again Mahiro tells you not to worry that everyone will be there for you and that he’ll be fighting to the best of his ability. You then mutter “to the best of your ability….” and Mahiro is naturally affronted and ready to argue until Shinji steps in and says it’s bad form to argue with a comrade before a battle. Around this time Mitsuru comes running up though and she gives you 3 paper amulets which contain spirit power and requests that you use them in battle. Yay! We can finally be useful! Anyway Mitsuru then instructs you in their use and tells you that after you use one it will be expended and also for you to avoid using them in succession. Hmmm…why did I bold that? tee hee. XD Anyway as you receive the amulets you are suddenly reminded of the amulet that Kiyono gave you a while back and you think to yourself that they look exactly the same…..that Kiyono……tsk, tsk….. Finally though before Mitsuru leaves she also tells you that she has a message from your grandmother and that is that you are basically in charge this time. After that then Yuuichi wants to know what your instructions are for battle. He’s such a nice obedient boy. fu fu fu XD You mull it over for a while and you think that protecting the seal is most important, but you instead tell him that you want everyone to safely return and eat dinner together, at which point Yuuichi smiles and says that is the intention. Mahiro is displeased by this “half-hearted idea” and he’s more interested in kicking around the enemy. However Shinji and Suguru also agree with you and Yuuichi then tells Mahiro in a round about way to step in line too and with a frustrated and blushing face he does. Takuma then finally speaks up and tells you that they won’t be killed and that you will be protected. You then tell him that if you can you help, you want the seal protected, and Takuma tells you you’re being wagamama. XD Either way you then all head out.

c03d03chickenNaturally as you are all walking to the shrine together, you start feeling spooked as you remember your last battler with Logos. You shake a little in recalling it and Mahiro suddenly comes up to you and asks you if you are chickening out. You of course become angry and he tells you that because you are so angry that it must be true then. Takuma then joins in and wonders if your strong enough and they both tease you a bit until you tell them they are being cruel and go silent. Takuma however tells you not to worry and Mahiro again tells you that they will protect you and ya ya ya. Anyway you finally arrive at the shrine, but it’s silent and nobody is there. As you think over a few things, you suddenly get a funny feeling and Takuma says “about time.” And yes, now Aria and her goons have arrived.

c03d03ariabitchyYou have words with Aria and tell her that Onikirimaru won’t be released and she tells you that you are a hinderance and you will be eliminated (oh how I want to eliminate her!). At this point now Takuma, Mahiro and the others step in and the battle begins. It seems you have a bit of a strategy tonight as they set it up to fight in pairs and Mahiro and Takuma will take on the most powerful, while Suguru and Vier are evenly matched and Shinji and Yuuichi will take on Drei. You think to yourself that nothing less than success will do tonight, that you must make the enemy retreat and protect the seal, however you don’t know what you can do, and you feel powerless. Uh, Hello? Mitsuru’s amulets? Anyway as you stand there feeling sorry for yourself for being no help all of the sudden a big explosion rocks the ground next to you and kicks up a enormous cloud of dust.

c03d03eintakumabattle01Apparently that blast was actually meant for you and in the dust you can see Takuma facing off with Ein. Again there is another blast nearby you as Takuma gives Ein a decent beating. Around this time you find yourself picked up by a gust of wind, and you land outside the blast area. You quickly realize it was Mahiro who gave you a hand, but he is busy facing off with Zwei, or as Mahiro calls him, shinigami. Zwei evades Mahiro’s attack though and suddenly comes for you saying “Sybil, die.” So yeah, Logos calls you Sybil….it’s weird but oh well. Of course Mahiro comes and defends you using a sword made of wind that comes from his arm. He stops Zwei’s scythe and beats him away then shouts that he will blow him away and summons up a giant tornado. However Zwei just stands there and holds out his hand, and seems to absorb the tornado as it surrounds him. Eh heh heh….that does not seem good.

c03d03takumafleeAnyway the beginning of the battle seems to go your way, but then suddenly things start taking a horrible turn south for you and the guardians. Takuma takes a pretty nasty attack from Ein and as he gets up he is hacking up blood. You run to him, but he tells you not to come near that you’ll be killed and proceeds to tell you to run away. As you look around you, you notice that everyone now is being hard pressed to keep up and are starting to look worn down. Then Mahiro shouts for Takuma to tell you to run, and Takuma repeats himself, but you don’t want to leave them. As you are standing there with Takuma, suddenly Ein comes to attack you and Takuma immediately defends you and takes a horrible blow in your stead. At this point, Takuma then yells at you and tells you that you are burden and to hurry up and flee, before he faces Ein again. You wonder to yourself what is best to do, that surely there is something you can do, but then feel sorry for yourself for becoming a burden. XP Mahiro then starts yelling at you to flee too, and then pausing for a rare tender moment tells you that it’s ok if you flee, you can wait on dinner, and that whereas Mitsuru’s cooking is good, he says he would like to try your cooking. Afterwards he tells you he’ll see you later with a sad face and goes back into battle.

c03d03choice01Okay so up comes your first choice for the day. The correct choice for Takuma and Mahiro is the top choice, number 1, that you will stay there. Of course after you choose this you get a tongue lashing from Mahiro and watch as the battle suddenly goes from bad to worse. Takuma has been taking a beating from Ein and is now staggering as Ein prepares another of his explosive attacks. Takuma’s life is now in danger, and Mahiro too has Zwei’s scythe raised above him. Things look as equally as grim for the others too. For all of the times Takuma and Mahiro have helped you, you want to help them and now FINALLY you remember the amulets in you pocket. You pull them out of your pocket and with both hands shaking decide you must use them.

c03d03youinvoke You hold the amulet in you palm and invoke the power, losing yourself for a moment and awaken to a bright flash of white light. The trapped spirit power suddenly flows out of the paper and apparently takes the form of a serpent according to the kanji unless I looked up the wrong thing. In any case this serpent of white light plunges towards Ein and Zwei taking them in and blowing them away, pulling up bits of earth as it goes. You are surprised by the amulets power, but you feel there is no time and immediately set up to invoke another amulet, yep, that’s right, after Mitsuru told you not to, you are just going to proceed to fire off another.

The second time you invoke, you feel that the power is pulled out of your body and your feet begin trembling and you find you are having difficulty standing. Now, like a person who must smash a spider until it no longer resembles a spider until you are satisfied it is dead, you yet again set up to invoke the last spirit amulet. This time as you do however, your eyes go dark for a moment and your head hurts as you feel as if your life is being whittled away. Finally at this time you remember Mitsuru’s words about using them consecutively, and wonder if by the time the last amult is done whether or not you will be able to stand. You decide you have no choice though and go forward and complete the invocation and the amulet tears and a flash of lightning issues from the amulet and with a crashing sound and great heat, pummels Ein and Zwei. After this there is silence and you collapse.

c03d03successionbatsu Now of course Takuma and Mahiro berate you for what you have done, telling you that you’ll die doing such things, but none the less they both help you up and support you. You tell them that you tried your best and that they are being cruel though at which point Takuma raps you on the head and tell you that he told you to run and that you didn’t listen. At this point Aria tells her other two goons to stop battling for a moment and they come to her side. As you look over there it appears as if they haven’t take much damage though. During this lul, the other guardians come to your side as well. You can sense that Ein and Zwei’s powers are now faint, and since they were the biggest obstacle and are no immobilized, you feel the battle has turned to your favor. At that you address Aria and tell her that with Ein and Zwei immobilized, that she needs to leave immediately.

c03d03ariasmuggoonsAria is amused by this though and in an instant a refreshed Ein and Zwei are by her side. She asks if you thought you had killed them with your attack, and well for a sweet moment, yes, yes we did. So just as easily as victory seemed within your grasp is it now gone again. As you look around at your friends you notice that they are all looking fatigued and unsteady on their feet. All of the boys though are still ready to fight to protect the seal, though they openly wonder what sort of magic Aria and her goons use. You don’t have much time to regroup though as Aria suddenly asks you again if you will hand the seal over to her and suggests that she will let you go if you do. You think about it and you know you can’t win. You realize that you are holding everyone’s fate in your hands, but you also realize that protecting the seal is important too as for the preservation of the earth. I think perhaps she also thinks that her fate is tied to the seals and if they are undone it can be fatal to her as well.

c03d03choice02Now comes your second choice for the day. The correct choice for the Takuma/Mahiro route is to say that no, you won’t hand it over, which is choice #2. You tell Aria then that you won’t hand over the seal, and she is irritated, but who cares about her feelings. She then says something in regards to the power difference between her goons and your warriors, and you just tell her that you believe in everyone, although inside you feel faint and are not at all confident. However for the fate of the world and all that sort of thing you intend to fight. Takuma then tells you “Well said” and says something to the effect that he has a better opinion of you. Everyone else rallies again to your words that you believe in them and the fight begins again, but this time it doesn’t take Aria’s goons long to fell all of your guardians, and as Ein and Zwei are walking through your fallen comrades you are overcome with anger and instinctively run towards them and shout “If you’ve killed them, I’ll kill you!” Now wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually follow through with those words? C’mon game, give me some butt-kicking power! Anyway Ein starts walking toward you now and suddenly Mahiro and Takuma stand up in front of you. You are glad that they are alive, but at the same time you feel they shouldn’t be up. You tell Takuma and Mahiro that they don’t need to fight, and that if they fight any more they will die, but neither of them answer. As you look at them with their unnatural stillness you suddenly understand that they are both spiritless. You yell at them though and immediately demand that they step aside, saying that you are the Tamayori, but they don’t budge. Ein then stands in front of your guardians and before anything else can happen Aria tells him to stop it. Of course Ein wants to know why, and also Drei wants to know why, but Aria doesn’t give them much of an answer and instead wants to focus on getting the treasure from the seal. The seal resists Aria’s body, though she does not seem concerned, and as she breaks the seal and takes the treasure from inside the shrine, your body is suddenly rocked with a horrible pain, a pain that was much worse than the last time a seal was broken. You even uncontrollably cry out in pain, but then after the seal is gone and the treasure stolen the pain disappears. Aria tells you though before she leaves that if you oppose her again that it will all come to an end.

c03d03touchyfeelyAfter the Logos group leaves, Takuma and Mahiro’s bodies both fall to the ground and you go to them. You cry over their bodies and hug them as you repeatedly tell them sorry. They aren’t dead though as you can still hear faint breathing, but you are just beside yourself that you let this happen. You feel irresponsible and feel that you don’t understand anything anymore and you don’t know the meaning of battle. Before you get to the touchy feely screen here though, you just get the CG that is below as you cry over them and apologize profusely. When you get the touchy feely screen the boys will actually say various things, but mostly they tell you not to cry and they they are there for you. D': Awwww, my warriors, sniffle…tough times, tough times…..

After you have had enough poking and prodding the injured with your stylus XD you are then treated to a quick scene with your grandmother and Mitsuru, who are talking about what has transpired. Basically Mitsuru tells your gran that the second seal has now been broken and the treasure stolen. You gran asks if there are any survivors and Mitsuru tells her that everyone is injured, but they are safe. After a moment of silence then, you grandmother asks if your awakening still has yet to happen, and Mitsuru responds affirmatively, and is unhappily silent. Your grandmother reminds Mitsuru that she and her exist as cogs for the world’s calm…or something to that extent. Mitsuru nods, but cries just the same.

Thus ends chapter 3…..a horrible chapter, and tomorrow doesn’t appear to be any better from what I took a peek at. Sigh, so much drama…..Mahiro needs to do something silly again and get all angry for comic relief…..

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