Petling Round-Up

petlingsamplerSo I spent some time during lunch running around to all of the houses in my village to check and see who were proud pet owners and I only came up with 8 people with petlings out of the I don’t know how many villagers I have. Anyway the pic above is just a little sampler of some of the different styles and colors available. I find it weird though that ALL of the puppies in my neighborhood are chocolate brown though, while with the kittens there appears to be more variety. I wonder if there is just more variety overall with the kittens?

So far I’m going to have to say that I like the styles of the kittens better than the puppies, but I am still not interested in getting a petling until I know what their full life cycle is about and how likely they are to run away if you don’t log in for a day. Anyway if anyone else has any pets in a different style or color, feel free to comment below and share your pic. :D

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