Pet Society – Love Tree

lovetreeI logged into Pet Society to check on my Love Tree and it had reached full size! I’m excited that it’s a cherry tree! It looks so pretty I’m considering buying another seed and keeping it back for later. My tree still hasn’t born fruits yet, but with a tree so pretty I’m not to worried about what the fruits will look like.

In other news, my bleeding heart flowers have also grown, but I’m afraid to take them out of the ground since I hear there was a glitch where they became the Waratah after pulling them from the ground. I guess if you planted your flowers before the glitch was fixed you will wind up with a Waratah instead. In the end though as I think of it, I may as well pull it, because if it isn’t really a bleeding heart then I will want to plant another one….what a waste of money though if it turns up a Waratah! XP

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