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I know a lot of you who don’t know Japanese or speak very little of it have always dreamed of having an otome game in your own native tongue, and well here is one created by an indie gaming company called SakeVisual. Now I know that there are a few other English/American indie game companies out there who have also made things similar to otome games, but this is the first one I have encountered that really keeps true to the otome genre. Though please keep in mind I’m on a mac which means I have considerably less access to software created for PC only.

Anyhow with that aside RE: Alistair is available for both Mac and PC as well as Linux, so that was a big super yay since it seems a lot of gaming companies don’t want to bother with porting their games to the Mac. The other super yay factor was the fact that it is free, yep, totally free. Besides being free, it is a surprisingly well put together game with very nice graphics and professional looking CG illustrations, one of which you can see above.

In RE: Alistair you play a high school age girl who has a kill taken from her in an online game buy a guy named “Alistair”. Angered, she issues a challenge, which he accepts, but she is then suddenly disconnected from the game due to the school’s internet going down. She realizes later however that Alistair was also booted off at the same time and surmises that this Alistair must be one of these three different boys in her school, all of which are “date-able” characters in game. I say date-able in quotes because unlike Tokimemo GS and other stat building otome games, you don’t actually get to call and ask guys out, instead scenes just happen as you build your stats and gain affection with the bachelors which is more like visual novel style otome games like Hiiro no Kakera.

So, as I said, there are three different guys to go after and in conjunction there are three different stats to raise and just like Tokimemo GS, certain guys favor certain stats. For each of the different guys there are 6 different CGs you can unlock, one of which is a special aftre credits CG end that you can only get by going shopping and purchasing a special item. It is fairly easy to figure out which items each guy favors, but if you have trouble, there is a pretty thorough walkthrough on the game website.

The story is engaging enough since it is fun to try to piece together which guy is Alistair, but because the game is so short there really isn’t time to get too in depth with the characters, and of course we all love gratuitous CGs, lol. So really I would say the only failing of this game is that it is too short, because with more length you could get deeper into the characters and have more story. I suppose I should also say it can seem a little juvenile at times as well, but the characters are in high school and these are your stereotypical American teens.

Regardless of these things though it is a free game and will give you a couple hours of fun if you want to unlock all of the CGs for the three guys. I think anyone who likes otome games would definitely enjoy this little game and it really is one of the best quality English otome games I have come across.

Here is the link to the RE: Alistair website:
And here is the link to Sake Visual’s site:

They also have a manga style supernatural mystery game out as well that looks promising, though that one is not free.

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