Saikin Koi Shiteru – Kazama Ruka!

So, I’ve now had a chance to play through Kagami, Aiba and Kazama’s routes, and I must say I still like Kazama’s the best! I’m not sure if I’ll bother with Shindou or Saeki’s routes or not. Saeki sensei is well, kinda scary and I swear he said something along the lines of his hobby is making people or watching people cry. ^^;;;;;;;;; As far as Shindou goes, it’s really hard to get past his tsun-tsun persona. Aiba’s story was really sweet, and it’s also really easy to collect most of his CG. At this point I am only missing one of Aiba’s whereas I am still missing 3 each of Kazama and Kagami’s. Despite this though I think Kazama’s is the best because his story seems much more romantic and he is always always always freely flirting with you.

Anyway to get the Kazama ending, the best course of action is to pretty much say the wrong thing in the beginning to all the other guys, and not use saikin on them. It is really easy during chapters 1 & 2, to accidentally go down the Aiba, Shindou or Kagami route instead of Kazama since the game starts with a tutorial of sorts with Aiba and Shindou, and they like to throw those two in your path A-LOT! Another tricky part about starting Kazama’s route is that the first Saikin you get to throw at him to improve affection is one you have to power-up yourself. If you do poorly at the mini game to power-up the Saikin, then you may only get one heart! You can of course practice the mini game in the extras section, though I’m not sure how or when those unlock, most of mine were unlocked when I finally decided to investigate them.

I posted this before, but I will post it again, it’s best to follow this guide to get the ending you want. I won’t repeat what is already in the guide, but I will offer some additional advice that is not mentioned in the guide when going for Kazama. So as I already said, you need to have a fully powered up Saikin to fling at Kazama to get three hearts. Then of course, as the guide says, when you have the option during lunch to investigate different clubs, you should go to the music room, and you’ll have the option to fling another Saikin at him. It doesn’t matter whether you fling Todokun, Yokki, or Kanamu at him. All will result in three hearts, and the Saikin type only affects the mood/type of the music he plays for you. After this, if you have been sure to keep the affection down of all the other guys, you should start down Kazama’s path in chapter 3. However, keep in mind that the game will still let you deviate from that path, so you should still be careful.

For my next special note, I’m going to skip ahead to chapter 4, which is leading into Kazama’s live performance. No matter what, you will run into Kagami senpai who will ask you if you have time. Your two options to respond are yes I have time, and what’s up. If you’ve already played through another guy’s route, you know that this is the point at which Kagami will give you the ticket to go see Kazama’s performance. Let it be known, that no matter what you say, Kagami will end up giving you the ticket anyway, so don’t worry about being all nice and telling him you have time. Afterwards, obviously follow the guide to choose the right actions to end up at Kazama’s performance.

The next important note I have is for chapter 6, where Saeki sensei bullies you because you did poorly on your Japanese History practice test. After getting yelled at by Saeki, you are made to go seek out people to study with, and sadly one of those people is Kazama who is heading off with evil Ririko for Karaoke. Anyway you’ll want to follow the guide, tell the other guys what will give them the least affection, and be sure to collect Miharu’s Eri-!!! This is important, if you fail to catch Eri- you should load and try again. The game is also going to lead you into studying with Kagami, which is fine, because it always happens, just be sure to not lead him on and DO NOT give him Eri- when you are given the option to use a Saikin on him. The reason being is that after you study Kazama comes back to see you and you can use it on him then for a nice lovey-dovey CG! Now the guide says you can fling Todokun or Eri- at him for 3 hearts, and this is true, BUT you only get the lovey-dovey CG if you give him Eri-.

The last note I want to make, is for chapter 15 where things come to a head in Kazama’s storyline. The guide tells you that you will have the option to give him Yokki, Todokun and Kanamu, BUT what the guide doesn’t tell you is that you will give Kazama all three Saikin all at once. I have always had all three of those Saikin with me on each of the playthroughs I did with Kazama, so I don’t know what happens if you don’t have all three, but since it is the only time in the game you ever give more than one Saikin to a guy, I’m guessing it’s important and you should collect all three as you are given the opportunity right before the story climax anyway.

I haven’t collected all of Kazama’s CGs yet, despite having played through his ending twice. I suspect you may have to collect some through going down other guy’s routes, but I’m not sure on that. Going down Kazama’s story will also get you closer to Morikawa, and make Ririko your rival, but she’s just an annoyance and cannot really steal him away or anything as long as you follow the guide. Ririko is kind of the one hateful character in the game anyway, as she think she’s just so darned awesome. Even when you’re going down Aiba’s route you’ll have some run-ins with her, but some are pretty funny because she comes out looking pathetic. XD

On a side note, one of the really fun things about this game, is that your friends are truly your friends! Miharu, who is your greatest ally no matter what route you play already has a boyfriend. Then there is Mannami, who with his Ne-san Saikin and his crush on Shindou, is totally your gay friend! XD I haven’t played through Shindou’s route yet though, so he could possibly become a rival if you go after Shindou, but otherwise he is much fun!

Well, I think this post is falling apart right now with me just rambling on, so I’ll go ahead and stop here. Even though this game is not on par with games like TokimemoGS, this is still a really fun title, with lots of interesting characters and interactions, so I am going to end by saying that I highly recommend trying it out!

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