Registering for Minna de Bokujou Monogatari

I thought I would make a little translated tutorial of sorts to help those who would like to try out the Japanese online Harvest Moon game. This is just to help you get through the registration process so you can start playing. I haven’t included any translations on the quests, but hopefully you can bumble your way through that yourself. I might post quest translations in the future, but I need to get myself back into gear and back to work after having a spell of the holiday lazies. If you truly need help with something, you can probably post a link to a clear screenshot of the quest details and I may be able to help you…no guarantees though, and I’d prefer that you’d only ask if you are really really stuck, cause I’m a busy girl! Now, onto the login translations/tutorial!

First thing you are going to want to do is register, so just click the link that I circled in the screenshot above, which will take you to the new registration page.

After clicking the link, you will wind up here where they are asking for your email address so they can send you one of those activation emails. Just put in your email, and click the send button which is circled.

After you click send, you are going to get this confirmation page, which asks you to go find the email they just sent and click the activation link. Just leave this page alone for now, and go log into your email.

The email should be easy for you to fine because it will probably be one of the few Japanese emails you will have in your inbox….unless of course you know Japanese and frequent lots of Japanese sites, in which case, what are you doing reading this tutorial? XD OK enough humor. Find the email and click the big long activation link which you can find as seen in the picture above.

After clicking the link, you should see the above pic, which is thee almighty registration screen. ;) You should be able to follow my notes and fill everything out up to the security question for password retrieval. Go ahead and fill everything out as you like, keeping in mind the character limits which I’ve boxed and also the fact that you must use all lowercase alpha-numeric characters.

OK, so here are my translations of the questions. I’m not 100% positive that the second one is asking for your mother’s maiden name, but it has the kanji for mother in it and so in context one can conclude that without reading the rest of the kanji. Anyway, choose whichever question you think you will most easily remember, and if you have to, take a screenshot of it and save it on your computer if you think you will have trouble. On the line below, type in your answer. Your answer can be in English so don’t worry!

OK, so after you have everything else filled out, scroll down to the bottom, click the box that says you read their legal mumbo jumbo and then click the green button. At this point you will be redirected out to the main page where you can now login!

OK, here is the login box screenie for those of you who need extra help. It’s your basic login box, you enter your user ID, password and click login. Once you’ve logged in, you will then need to click the game start button to start the game, which is right above the login box. Well, I hope this helped everyone who wants to try it out, and I hope you enjoy the game!

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