Tokimemo GS Hazuki Kei Fangirling!

Ahhhh, I got my love-love ending with Kei which has got to be the most romantic and sweet ending ever! I feel so satisfied having Kei’s ending that I don’t even know if I will bother trying to get any of the other endings. With the main storyline inherent in the game, it seems like it would be too sad not to have the prince and princess be reunited in the end. (*^u^*) Gosh I feel some fan-art-fic-ing coming on!

In the beginning Kei is a little bit too cold, and it was kind of frustrating really. I kept hoping that I might be able to get my studies up and unlock Tendou Jin early in my second year, and then I would ditch Kei for Jin’s ending. Alas though, I never met Jin, because after you get Kei into friendly mode it’s pretty easy to get him up to like, and from there you are probably only a date or two away from smitten! Once he is smitten with you he is the sweetest guy ever, and his blushing reactions to your poking is so cute! I especially loved to try to hold his hand at the date meeting spot because his blushy distressed “Muboubisugida” is just too too adorable….well and it gives you a great deal of hearts which sends you straight into dark pink love-love mode. There really is nothing more fun than dating Kei when he’s at max tokimeki.

As the third year came to a close, you could tell that the love tension was amping up between the hero and heroine. The Cinderella play for the cultural festival was practically perfection, when he messed up his lines at the end and so forcefully told you not to go as the clock struck midnight. He was definitely thinking about the impending separation at graduation. :3 Uu hu hu….. Then much to my surprise, after the cultural festival, at the very tail end of the third year Kei asked me to his house! So yay, I got to see his room. :3 I don’t know if this can only happen in your third year or not, but it would be interesting to find out if anyone else was able to get him to take you to his house before then.

Maybe I’m just sappy, but really this game made me feel a little sad at graduation. Natsumi was who I considered my best friend in the game, and there was part of me who wanted to see a Natsumi x Madoka story. Anyway I think it would have been nice to have been able to see your friends before the final confession. Eitherway I think the writers/developers did a good job on this game, because they made me feel stressed in my third year (so many bombs! cursed Morimura and Hibiya!), and I felt quite wistful during the last walk through of the campus after the graduation speech. I guess you almost kind of feel like this was your school life. I think this type of game has real potential as far as story goes. It was really very much like playing a character in a book, and I really love getting my head into a good book. : )

Anyway so I guess my final thoughts would be, that I would highly recommend this game! Especially for those who are overly romantic-minded. It was really so much fun!

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