Tokimemo GS – Hazuki Kei Kiss Ending Translation

I thought I would post Hazuki’s kiss ending translation from 1st Love for those who know less Japanese than I. Keep in mind I’m only a student of Japanese, so my translation may be off in parts. I welcome people to help and correct/explain any errors I’ve made as well. The lines marked with two asterisks are specifically the parts I am dodgey on.

Hazuki Kei
Normal Confession Ending with Kiss

You: Kei-chan (or whatever your nick was for him)

Kei: So you came here.
Are you crying?

You: But…..I…..

Kei: Princess.
I have escaped the dense forest and came back to see you once again.
I have returned to you.

You: Kei-chan

Kei: You remember my promise to tell you the rest of the story?

You: …..yes

Kei: Don’t cry.

You: alright…..
Kei-chan, when did you remember?

Kei: The day of the entrance ceremony…
When I saw you that time in front of the church.
I knew immediately.
You hadn’t changed a bit from that time.

You: Is that so?

Kei: Yes, you had the same happy smiling face as back then.
It was as if time had stopped at this church.

You: Then……why…..until now?

Kei: I couldn’t be the first to say, if I was mistaken about that time.
I thought it might be best to leave things as they were and not say anything.

You: Such a thing (to do)

Kei: But, as expected, you still smiled just like back then, and I became angry (with myself).
Steadily my feelings came back to me. **
That time when I held your hand in mine, I hoped you still held those memories. **
Though little by little I was bringing about our separation. **
But when I met with you, no matter what, I could never say it very well. **
I felt if the words had been said, you might disappear from in front of me. **
But, as it is, if we graduate today I will lose you forever.
I…..I don’t want to be separated from you.
Yumi (insert your name here)
I have returned to you.

<3 Chu <3 At this point you touch his lips with the stylus instead of answering.

Kei: You…..just now…..kiss…..

You: Thank you.
I can’t speak of this feeling very well…..

Kei: Me either.

You: Kei-chan too?

Kei: Surely because it can’t be said well….
Surely, we don’t need words to convey it.
This is for you…..

Scene changes to Kei putting a ring on your finger (where an engagement ring would go mind you!)

You: It’s beautiful…..
It’s for me?

Kei: Yes, I thought I would give it to you at Christmas, but now seems better.

You: Yeah…..
This….is a clover?

Kei: Yes.
It’s what the returning prince brought back from his travels.
He gave the princess a ring made of clover.
“You are my heart’s joy, and now we are bound together forever.”

You: Forever…..

Kei: Forever.
Our ever after starts from here.

You: Kei-chan

Kei: Shhh……
Because words aren’t enough, we’ll kiss.
I love you.

And end with a pretty kiss scene.

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  1. Nime-san says:

    AHHHHHHHH! Such a cute ending! Well, I randomly came across this site after finding some good games to play, and you’re just like me! I’ve played Harvest Moon, Avalon Code, I really wanna play Sims 3 O_O Anyway, since you recommended this game, I tried it and …… I am totally addicted to it ~ I’m trying to aim for Hazuki or Himuro now, so good luck to me! XD

  2. Tsukiyono says:

    Good Luck! I love TokimemoGS. :D I’ve been thinking lately that it might be time to play 2nd Kiss, but I’m too addicted to Sims 3 right now, lol.

  3. Nime-san says:


  4. jilliebean says:

    my sister and i tried playing a rom of this even though we dont speak/read japanese! it was hilarious. we were doing pretty well til the game froze!

  5. Tsukiyono says:

    Aww, well I’m sorry your game froze. :( I think the Tokimemo games are pretty import friendly. You may not get all of the story if you don’t know the language, but with all of the guides available it’s pretty easy to get a happy ending.

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