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After getting very cheesed off that Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility’s release date has now been pushed back to August 26th, I decided that I needed a little something to satiate my video game playing needs and thusly I bought the Spore Creature Creator. At $9.95 it’s cheap enough, and if you buy it at Target you will get a $5 off coupon to use later when you purchase the actual Spore game. I’d say at this point it has already provided enough entertainment to warrant it’s price tag as I have spent the greater part of the day trying to make the cutest creatures in Sporedom. As of now, this little guy that I call a Balibear, it my cutest to date. You can watch him do the cutie dance in the video…..


Cute, no? Well at least I think he’s cute. :3 For anyone who is interested in having him in their collection, you can download him from my Spore page, the username is “Tsukiyono”. Anyway I like Spore a lot because I can create a whole slew of cute critters, and presumably eventually have all my cute and fuzzies cavorting around in a happy little spore world. Being able to play god over a world of cute sounds like a whole lot of fun from my girly perspective!

Anyway to download a free preview of the Spore Creature Creator, just visit:  http://www.spore.com and subsequently you should be able to find my Spore page there too. Lastly I should also mention that Spore is Mac friendly and rus quite well on my Macbook. :3

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