Hiiro no Kakera – Meeting Shinji

I wish I didn’t have so much coursework to do right now otherwise I would have more time to play this game. As it is I really haven’t progressed very far since the kanji is difficult and I can only make time to play about a day at a time. After tomorrow’s art history test though I should have more time. I really want to get further along in the story now!

Anyway after the run in with the tatarigami, that night you will see a conversation with Mitsuru and your grandmother talking about how you haven’t seemed to come into your power yet, and that time is running out because the seal on onikimaru is weakening. There was another grim realization, but I’m not sure I’ve translated it right, so I won’t mention it until I know for sure. Either way, this ends the first chapter.

The next day begins chapter 2 and you head off to school as usual, though today you get to meet Shinji Inukai, Yay! :3 He literally runs into you in the hallway and then after saving you from a fall you get the CG to the left, which let’s you have some touchy-feely time lol XD. Now I want to know where my touchy-feely CG is for Mahiro and Yuuichi. Why do the rest of the guys have a touchy-feely intro CG except them?! I must harrass them! XD

Anyway, Shinji is the kind and gentle type with a soft voice, and he’s also your kouhai. Oh it’s so fun to harrass your kouhai! You can touch around Shinji quite a lot and mostly he will apologize or ask if you are ok, but when you touch his mouth he yells dame desu! XD I almost fell off the bed with laughter after that one. Moving along though….Shinji is just so darn sweet, and so far he blushes the most of any character. I feel like I should ditch the abrasive Takuma for Shinji, but you must play through Takuma or Mahiro to get the other guys endings.

So after you have your doki-doki moment with Shinji, you take him up to the roof to meet the rest of the gang. It seems as though Shinji has returned from being away, supposedly training. At first it seems like one of those heartfelt reunions, but later Takuma’s attitude cools, and in some conversation with him you find out that Shinji didn’t really keep in touch with them, and apparently Takuma is bitter and suspicious. Later when you are walking home, Takuma says something downright rude to Shinji and then walks off without explanation. :( At this point, Takuma hasn’t done much lately to redeem himself, as he’s been mostly an ass. It would be nice if his facade would crack a little, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen again any time soon.

At this point I have left off with coming home to find Suguru meeting you at home, and also this catches up my second game to my first game. Sadly though, as much as I want to continue the game, I must get back to studying. :(

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