Spore – Avoiding the Grox Part 2

Well, you can complete your badge bar without ever meeting the Grox, but there is no sort of final resolution after the fact or anything. So it seems apparent that in order to achieve some sort of resolution in the space stage, you have to meet and defeat the Grox. Of course even if you defeat the Grox there may not be a guaranteed ending either. Or at least out of all the postings I’ve read online nobody has revealed anything about a special ending, but I suppose time will tell, as it appears a lot of people are having trouble defeating them since their empire is so extensive.

As it is, I won’t be following the Grox storyline, and will probably just amuse myself with creating new buildings, vehicles and creatures until Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility comes out at the end of this month. :3

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  1. Blank says:

    Special ending hint: Ever wondered what was at the center of it all?
    You just need to run fast enough and survive.

    Hint 2: 42

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