Prince Valdo – Confessions and Such

I made the fanart to left left there because I’m filled with all sorts of fannishness over the game at the moment. Anyway if you like it you can visit my DA Page to see the full image and you can also find a little Valdo chibi I did. All I ask is that you not take my fanart and use them other places… upsets me. It goes without saying that from here on out are major spoilers folks, so don’t continue reading if you want everything to be a surprise.

So, I like Valdo just about as much as I like Anwar, in fact I’d consider them to be my favorite heroes in the game, though I haven’t really given the others much of a chance yet to be honest. XD Either way the thing that is most appealing about a character like Valdo is the fact that he’s broken, and what with most women having the need to nurture and fix, really it’s a perfect match. This is the same way with Anwar in a way too, although Anwar just needs to get his heart back, he’s not particularly tormented. Anyway let’s get on to business. I tried to write down each of Valdo’s special “love up” sayings and write out his special quests and confession. I have to admit that my list is incomplete and I also don’t have a word for word script of his first quest, but I can at least give an overview.

I’m not sure what you would call them, but there are those blue heart scenes with special text you get every time you raise a hero’s affection for you. Each hero it appears has 10 of these scenes, and once you tap them out you don’t get to see them again, which is a real shame. Anyway I’ll go through my list of 10 for Valdo. I’ll note what I’ve had to paraphrase….

1. If only it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have my human heart. (paraphrased a little)
2. (paraphrased) He talks about how it is too late for him to love anymore.
3. Why should I care? It’s already over.
4. I told myself I wouldn’t have any regrets. But I can’t forget you.
5. Maybe I still can…..forget it. How could I ever feel love again.
6. Why did you have to show up now?
7. What sort of punishment is this? It hurts……It hurts so much.
8. I feel like I have a fresh start.
9. I’m glad you were here.
10. I love you, deeply, sincerely.

OK, so one and two are the only ones I really had to paraphrase on. If anyone finds a mistake, something I missed or want to help me fill in my paraphrases with the proper saying, then please comment with the corrections! :)

Now I’ll move onto the special event/quest text. For the first event, I’m sorry but I didn’t write it down, heh, so I’ll just give a summary. Right after you visit him at Waisen Camp, you can talk to him and he will give you a series of one word answers….kind of like when you had to pester Anwar and continue talking to him, you’ll do the same here with Valdo, except instead of getting an option to continue talking, you’ll just keep on spamming the speak option. Anyway he will wonder why you are there, assuming you must hate him, and if you persist, he will finally tell you how he would still like to broker peace between Kaleila and Waisen. Eventually he will ask you if you will help him, because he isn’t even allowed to travel around in Kaleila, so he can’t even do his own diplomacy. You should agree to help him and then go talk to the “Holy King My Ass” Xenobart. Of course Xenobart turns you down, and you are sent back to Valdo with the bad news. Valdo doesn’t seem surprised by this and he wonders if there is anyone in the castle who might be partial to his plea, and of course there have been hints all along that Dorothea will listen, so after Valdo gives you the metalize for his Waisengarde sword for your trouble, truck back to the castle again and speak with her. She is of course more than willing to go see Valdo, so you take her to him and they talk about making a peace treaty. Of course Xenobart catches wind of this and comes to try to wreck everything, but after hearing the pleas of his daughter and Valdo, decides to allow Valdo to enter the country, although he cannot trust Valdo just yet. After this scene ends, you will then be able to fix both Valdo’s and Dorothea’s locked code things. After this it should also be noted that Valdo will now be standing inside Frannelle’s throne room to the left, not far from Dorothea’s door.

Alright so about after the 5th heart scene you get with Valdo, if you go talk with him again you should get a quest from him. If not, gift and talk to him again, because it shouldn’t be that far off. Here is the script of the quest event…..

Hello [Your name].
Sorry…..I’m not feeling very well today.
Kullervo’s memories are still causing havoc inside me.
I keep having these awful, awful nightmares.
I see his twisted thoughts, his hatred of humans, the ideal world he sought, and memories of the past world.
If I am unable to suppress them, my mind will be ruined again.
…..Somewhere within those memories are memories of a hidden weapon.
[Your name], I will tell you where that weapon is hidden.
But if even Kullervo hid it…..
… must be dangerous
If you choose to go, take care.
It’s hidden deep in the fire cavern, where the dragon lies.
It’s called Laevateinn.
A fiery broadsword from legend.
It is deep in the fire cavern.
I pray for your safety.

Yay! As he said, it’s in the fire cavern, and I believe you will find it where you battled the fire dragon. In any case if you liked swords, this broadsword is a must have! It will have a higher attack than the Dainslef and not be so gosh darn ugly either. XD Anyway after this there are no more events or quests with Valdo…boooo, but you will have his confession to look forward to. To get Prince Valdo’s confession, gift and speak with him until you get the 10th blue heart scene, then go to sleep in your house. He should come to you in the morning and confess his feelings to you. However if there is someone else with a higher affection for you, beware, you might get them instead. If this is the case, then declining whoever it is should lower their affection enough so that if you sleep again you can get Valdo’s confession. I say that though and I realize that I had to decline Rempo’s confessions like 4 or 5 times before he was low enough so Valdo would come confess. XP Anyway Valdo’s confession is pretty sweet and romantic, but in comparison with Anwar’s, it might lack a little passion. In any case, here it is:

[Your name]…..
Sorry for dropping in.
I just…..
I need to tell you how I feel.
That’s why I came here.
I’m in love with you.
Ever since you defeated Kullervo and saved me…..
…..I’ve felt that way.
I feel you can help me…..
…..overcome any obstacle.
Won’t you go out with me, [Your name]?

At this point you get the choice to accept or decline him, we will go on with accepting him. :)
After you say yes, he will embrace you.

Thank you, [Your name].
I swear I’ll make you happy.

After this the scene fades away to a new day where you and Valdo are standing in the King’s bedchamber for whatever reason. XD I could make all sorts of off comments in regards to that, but I won’t…..Anyway he will then greet you…..

Good morning, [Your name].
Lovely weather today.
Thanks to you, peace has come between our kingdoms/
I owe you so much.
I’ll do what I can to help both our nations.
Would you join me on my quest [your name]?
*auto nod yes*
Thanks, [your name]. We shall build a great kingdom!
Please don’t ever forget, I’m always thinking about you.

And that ends your confession event with Valdo. I kind of wish the second half had been a little more romantic, but as it is, half of it seemed filled up with his diplomatic business. It comes off a little disjointed too, as previously he just confessed that he loves you, and then miraculously overnight peace happens. Oh well.

Well, I guess after this I might write something up about Anwar. To be honest I think the best confessions happen before things hit critical mass in chapter 5. Of course you lose your love then, but then you are treated to a special scene when you get him back, and then again later you can get the final confession out of him. Unfortunately since Valdo was all possessed and part of the enemy camp early on, there aren’t as many events for him. I think us ladies got gypped in this game to be honest, I mean all of the girls except Lauca are available before chapter 5, and at least Lauca is available after you get your book back. In comparison, Valdo isn’t woo-able until until after chapter 11, along with Heath. Still though, I’ve enjoyed myself and I definitely would welcome a sequel to this game!

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5 Responses to “Prince Valdo – Confessions and Such”

  1. Lunasophie says:

    I am still in one of the Cyril’s caves in the desert, so I have scrolled down so as not to see any of the spoilers, but on a completely different topic on Avalon Code, what I have never understood, even after reading many, many articles, is what some of the tablets or metalizes do. There are those accessories/weapons which you scan, and can wear straight away, and there are those, under the tablet category, where there is only a colourless picture, and it shows you a code combination… This is perhaps really obvious, but how on earth do you unlock them? Thank you :)

    By the way, I am new here, and find your blog very useful- always more nice game ideas :)

  2. Tsukiyono says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve played the game, so I am trying to remember…..but I think I know what you are talking about….if you put those code combos on the object in question then it will unlock. It’s all about juggling those different elements and switching them out between different items to get the right combination to get them to unlock. Well I hope that helped somewhat…I know I probably didn’t describe it very well, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve played. ^^;

  3. Lunasophie says:

    Oh, thanks very much- yes that does help :) I have been playing the game since it came out, but was so busy- so I am not very far!

  4. Fel Arveia says:

    At the begining of the game and about half way through I was completely in love with Rex and Anwar, and ultimately decided on Rex. After his love confession and what not I beat the game and then began the post game where I finally found out that I could have Valdo as a lover. I didn’t have any knowledge of this game before seeing it in the store and buying it, so I thought it would just be a contest between Rex and Anwar. Three days later I fall head over heels for Valdo, even though I was with Rex. After a bit he confessed to me and I accepted. I mean come on people! He is the hurting lonely prince that we just want to comfort and make it all better. Now that I think about it, anytime a male character is in some kind of emotional pain, girls want to fix it… which pretty much explains the later half of the Naruto series…

  5. Tsukiyono says:

    Ah yeah, Valdo with all his emotional baggage is just so adorable. ;)

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