New Game!

So, today is actually my birthday and my brother so kindly got me Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time for my DS. :) I really loved the first Crystal Chronicles game that came out so long ago for the Gamecube. My brother and I would multiplay that poor game into the ground day after day! Anyway I haven’t had a chance yet to load it up as I’ve been enjoying shopping and drawing all day, but I had a look at the game booklet and it looks as cute and fun as ever, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll have a chance to load it up tonight and get a little game time in.

I still have things left to do in Avalon Code though, and I realize I still have Hoshizora no Comic Garden to finish as well as Hiiro no Kakera…..but really it’s kind of nice to have all these games to jump between. Anyway I’ll finish everything…..eventually. ;)

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  1. crazyforthewiz says:

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved Crystal Chronicles! My neighbor would come over and we would play that game endlessly. I always chose to be a Selkie because the human girl clothes looked funny, and I didn’t want to look like a bird or a forest critter. I heard about this game, but I never could decide if I wanted it or not. Maybe your blogs will change my mind!

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