Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time – First Impressions

Alright, so as I previously mentioned, my brother got me Echoes of Time for my birthday. I’ve had some time to play through a few dungeons, so I can offer some of my first impressions. The graphics are of course cute, and there are lots of scrolls to collect to make armor, weapons and etc….so there is more character customization overall than the first Crystal Chronicles game. You can also speak with a moogle in town and have your hair color changed to match your outfit as well. I hear that there are only four hair colors available for each class, and that they are dependent upon which slot the character is at the time, but I have yet to test that out. Speaking of moogles, so far you do not get moogle companions in this game, but I suppose there could be some forthcoming as I haven’t played too much as of yet.

I can forsee that this game would be A LOT of fun to multiplay with. Right now as it is, I can fill out my party by visiting the guild and slapping some AI on them. I recommend loading up with one of each race, but that is up to you. Know that certain races are a benefit in certain dungeons though, and the Selkie’s double jump always seems useful. Now if you had a whole crew of friends playing then that would make the dungeon puzzles CONSIDERABLY EASIER. Running alone with your AI friends, whereas they are helpful overall, you are still basically running alone when it comes to flipping, whacking, casting on and etc….the machinations to get through the dungeons.

Now as for the dungeons…..This game is pretty much one dungeons crawl after the other with little bits of story in between. The story is entertaining, but I wouldn’t compare it to something like Avalon Code. Also these puzzle dungeons, well they are going to require you to make ridiculous chains of jumps, time things perfect and etc…. So if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then you may want to reconsider. I like a puzzle dungeon well enough, but I don’t like having to make a series of jumps on swinging handlebars where I have to jump at precisely the right time. This being said I find some of the dungeon rooms terribly annoying, but I will still keep on playing.

Another good thing about this game is that you get a chronicle book to look at in the menu. This chronicle book basically recaps everything you are doing, so if like me, you need to put the game down from time to time and tend to your work, it is not a great hassle to pick it back up again after a few days and still find yourself able to follow along.

Well, that’s about it for my first impressions. I may write more about this game later, or I may not. Having come down off of Avalon Code, which was like mecca for me, Echoes of Time is having some trouble measuring up. I have a feeling though that if I had played this before Avalon Code, I would be much more interested. LOL, what’s funny is I keep on thinking about Avalon Code’s dating thingie, and every time I run across a interesting character in the game I will think how it might be nice to have a dating scenario in this game too.

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