Nico & Ella – Another Day Alotta Simoleans


Surprisingly Nico wakes up early this morning, and decides that maybe he’d like to serve a special breakfast of pancakes for Ella. Ella sleeps late as usual, and unfortunately does not have time to sample the breakfast Nico specially prepared. As she runs off to meet her impatient carpool, Nico puts away the heaping leftovers. He doesn’t take it too hard though, as he knows he is very close to finishing “On the Bluff” and wants to finish his novel today before work. With the novel now on his mind he heads off to complete it, his absentmindedness forgetting all about this morning’s breakfast disappointment.


Feeling a little guilty, later that evening Ella waits until Nico gets home from work so they can have dinner together of the leftover breakfast pancakes. Nico however has clearly forgotten all about breakfast, as earlier in the day, he had finished his first dramatic novel, and still reeling from his success, is also receiving a tidy royalty payment. This coupled with Ella gaining a tidy sum from a special job opportunity means the couple’s wallets are overflowing and they are feeling flush for the first time. Nico decides maybe it’s time to do a remodel of the study, and discusses the purchase of new bookshelves, but Ella thinks new computers would be more important so they can both work comfortably at home. Either way, at the end of the dinner conversation they are set in their decision to make their home-office a little more hospitable.

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