New Years Festival & Birthday After Marriage – Tao Specific

Ok, so I took a pretty ghetto screenshot of my TV with the camera. I’d like to find out how I can hook my Wii up to my Macbook monitor so I can get some good screenshots, but that is going to require research and a job, lol. The research I can do now, but the job will have to wait until after graduation….so some day…..Anyway on to the festivals…..

First I’d like to mention a little something about the Starry Night festival. I had been hoping that after marriage (but before child), that the festival dialogue would change, but nope, Tao says everything verbatim just like he did the first time around before marriage. In fact nothing happens that could even imply you are now married as Tao will wave at the end of the date and wind up at home in bed well before you get there as you are left standing under Alan’s tree at the end of the event. So it’s disappointing.

I did have the New Years Eve/Day festival to look forward to though. When you wake up on the morning of New Years Eve and talk to Tao he will say: “Why bustle about on the last day of the year? Let’s take it slow, maybe get a nap or two in.” Since it’s a festival day Tao will go about his usual holiday schedule of fishing up by Caramel Falls, and hopefully you will be taking care of your animals. At the end of the day at 9:00 the New Years Eve event will auto trigger no matter where you are or what you are doing. You will be magically whisked home where you and Tao will be having a New Years feast. He will tell you: “I did a lot of fishing this year. I’ve got to say I’m content.” which you may recognize as being the same thing he said last year if you talked to him on New Years Eve/Day. However he will then ask you how your year was, and you get the option of telling him: “It’s been a great year” or “It’s been a lousy year.” In the name of not mucking anything up, I chose “It’s been a great year.” and Tao will just say that he’s glad to hear that.

The scene will fade out and focus in on Tao as the New Years bells start ringing, and this is the important part folks, because this is the only time you will see Tao’s eye open, yes open. He will open his green eyes just a little and say: “Oh, I can hear the New Year’s bell. The New Year has just arrived.” Afterwards it will cut to the typical outside town scene you saw when you weren’t married. The festival lights will be all lit and people will be saying happy new year to each other and all that.

Next comes the sunrise portion of the event, and back at the house Tao will say: “….oh yes, I forgot about that…if you like, why don’t we go see the first sunrise of the year?” Afterwards you will be sitting on the beach together watching the sun come up, and Tao will launch into his speech: “The sun looks marvelous. I hope this year is a good one, and I hope everyone stays healthy this year. Did you make a new years resolution?” At which point you have the option of telling him your resolution. You get quite a list here, but I was careless and didn’t write everything down, but the first two choices are to stay healthy and keep my family safe. I do remember the last one though, which was “to become a millionaire!” Anyway I chose stay healthy, though I was leaning towards “keep my family safe” but I figured I’d save that one when I actually had a kid. I imagine there are right and wrong answers to this, but saying you want to stay healthy seems good for Tao who says “That sounds great. I’ll make a resolution too, let’s do our best to keep them. After all this you will wind up back at home, and it will be the first day of spring. If you talk to Tao that morning he will say: “It’s the first day of the year. Mmmm, let’s just take it easy and nap.”

Ok, so my birthday in this game is on the 3rd day of spring, so I didn’t have to wait long to get the event. It will be interesting to see if this event changes much when you have a child, but again, I’ll have to wait and see until next year. When you wake up that morning and talk to Tao he will say: “Happy Birthday Saya, would you like to do anything special?” (insert your own name) “We could just take a nap, but if you’d like to do something else, that’s cool too.” Heh, they really do like to play up the napping thing don’t they, and at this point I have to laugh and wonder about this “napping together”…..seriously….napping together….is that a euphemism for some afternoon lovin’? XD lol. If so, then Tao turns very un-shy after marriage, and very sexy considering he seems to want to “nap together” every day. X’DDDD

Aaanyway…..when you come home after 7pm on the day of your birthday, your spouse will have a little feast planned for you. I wonder though if the food on the table is character specific, as the food Tao had on the table was a rock lobster, a couple other fish dishes and a full size shortcake. So I’m wondering if the food that maybe Chihaya would prepare is different…..though considering how the Starry Night festival doesn’t change at all once you are married, I doubt Natsume/Marvelous would be so thoughtful. Anyway for your b-day event, you just eat together, and then after the event is over, no time is lost so you can go back outside and do more work if you want.

You know I forgot to mention that your spouse will make a box lunch for you every morning. It will be either a decent box lunch or a good box lunch, and I have to wonder if how well you treat your spouse can effect the equation of how often you get a good or decent one. As it is now I talk to Tao several times a day, and he is gifted at least every other day, or sometimes more if I have a fresh lavender harvest, and I mostly get good box lunches. I think I have 12 good ones saved up in comparison to the 5 decent ones. In the beginning it seemed very 50-50, but now it seems more 75-25.

Well that’s it for now. I experienced my first rival wedding as well, and I have some thoughts on that, but I’ll save it for it’s own post.

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