Nico & Ella – Totally Preggers


Not long after their wedding one day while Ella was at work, Nico finished his best romance novel yet, and is now making enough royalties to be considered a professional author, which accomplishes his lifelong goal! Happy from achieving so much writing success, and still quite smitten with his wife, Nico suddenly decides it might be time to have their first child, and I lock that want for him.


There was no time to brooch the subject that evening as Ella was stressed from work and needed some relaxation before heading off to bed. The following morning Nico awoke late and missed seeing Ella off to work. It didn’t bother him too much as he had painting on his mind and stepped out onto their back patio overlooking the sea to paint what would become his first masterpiece! Taking this as a sign, Nico decided he would see tonight if Ella would like to try for a baby.


Later that evening, Nico woos Ella and makes the suggestion that they try for a baby. Ella actually has the want to have her first child to, so they head off to bed to give it a try and are successful on their first go! On a side note, if anyone is wondering, yes you will here the “baby chime” when you are successful in making your sim preggers. Of course Nico and Ella won’t know this until tomorrow.


The next day as Ella is off at work, I decide to make a preemptive strike and send Nico out to the bookstore to buy whatever baby books he finds, which comes in handy later. ;)


Some time early in the morning, Ella wakes from her slumber and her pregnant state is realized. Unlike Sims 2, when your Sim is announced pregnant, her belly doesn’t miraculously expand, in fact you can barely see her belly at all. Now instead your pregnant Sim’s belly will grow with time.


Now in her new pregnant state, Ella has a pregnant moodlet that boosts her mood, but she also from time to time gets a backache, which obviously is a negative moodlet. However massage can ease away that back pain, and a quick massage from Nico relieves her pain. It is a good idea to keep your pregnant Sim as happy and fulfilled as possible, because if you do you will get to choose the two starting traits your little one will get. I’d also like to mention that if you haven’t investigated the Spa yet, now is the time to do so! Ella often had the want to go to the Spa and I sent her there once for a facial that improved her mood +20 for two days!


After the passing of another day, Ella’s belly is bigger and when Nico comes home from work he wants to touch his wife’s tummy. He fusses over her belly for a while much to her amusement.


Later that evening while watching TV, Ella suddenly comes down with labor pains, which causes Nico to freak out. It almost seemed like an episode of I Love Lucy or something, lol. At this point the game warns you that your pregnant sim has gone into labor and that you have to choice to give birth at home or go to the hospital. Since going to the hospital to have a baby is something new in Sims 3, I decided to send her to the hospital. To do this you just need to go into map mode and click on the hospital. Having your baby at the hospital will be the only option available at this time. Now I had to go out to the map and click go to the hospital again because my first command didn’t seem to take, so don’t be alarmed if you have to do it again. When they are heading to the hospital, they will both get a medical symbol in the upper left-hand corner and will head out to the taxi and head to the hospital with no more help from you. Also if there are any people outside the hospital as you are heading in, they will freak out over your Sim in labor, lol!


After spending a short time in the hospital, Ella comes walking out with a baby girl who needs a name. :) I decided to call her Anne, since her surname is Elliot, which would make her Anne Elliot, who is one of my favorite Jane Austen heroines. The Elliot family then takes a cab home and welcomes Anne into her new home. At this point I would also like to mention that there is a little trick you can do to increase your chances of having either a boy or girl child. If you have your Sim eat apples while pregnant, it will increase her chances of having a boy child….this includes the apple pancakes! Remember the pancakes in this game are apple pancakes, which is the cause of some gamers problems of having all boys. Now if you’d rather have a girl, then make your pregnant sim eat watermelons. Some suggest eating 3 is enough, but I would suggest eating 6 to be honest. I had my Sim eat 3 watermelons and she still had a boy, but restart and have her eat 6 and she had a girl.


And here is baby Anne. She’s a cutie, but all babies are cute. Now in Sims 3 you will actually be able to see your baby’s needs bars, so you will have a better idea of when they need something and when they don’t. However for this new feature, other features have been taken away. You no longer bathe your baby, instead every time you change his or her diaper, their hygiene goes back up. Also, every interaction you do with your baby now, from diapering to feeding a bottle are all done there with your baby. You don’t have to walk down to the fridge anymore to get the bottle, and you no longer have the changing table to take babies with stinkies to.


Here is the happy family now quite well established. You only get 3 days with your infant, and then they will grow up into toddlers. Now between infant and toddler, you don’t get any opportunity to choose more traits, but I’m sure how well you take care of your infant influences how many traits you get to pick when they age-up into children.

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  1. Nime-san says:

    HURRRRAHHHHH FOR A BABY GIRL! :D LOL how random of me!

  2. Tsukiyono says:

    Hehe, they wanted to have a girl too, so all is good times.

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