Robin Locksley: Stealing from the Rich to Feed the Poor


Today Robin wakes with the desire to steal something, and she has been pondering which house she might hit up. For days now she has had her eye on the large mansion at the end of the peninsula with it’s ostentatious sculptures out front. After realizing that the man who was checking her out at the bistro with his wife present was the man who lived there, she became determined to swipe something from them to help fund her favorite charities.


However she has no time to plan anything now as it’s time for her to dash off to meet her carpool. She has work tonight which will occupy most of her time, so any illicit activities will have to be put off until tomorrow when she has the day off.


When she returns from work today she finds herself hungry and stressed, so after fixing herself a breakfast of waffles she decides to spend the rest of her morning watching romance movies before she has to drag herself off to bed. She’s not so sure she likes this schedule of working late at night and sleeping most of the day, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do… least when she’s a thief.


The next day is Robin’s day off, and she wakes in the evening feeling frisky. She is certain she wants to pull off her heist tonight, and begins her scheming.


She decides to head off for a evening jog towards the mansion in question. It’s a quiet night and coupled with the silence, the long jog gives her plenty of time to go over her plans for the evening.


When she arrives at the home she scans the area for onlookers, and sensing everyone is in bed, makes a dash for the outside bar which is hidden away from view. Once there she quickly swipes the nearest bartstool and makes a break for it.


She arrives home feeling quite satisfied with herself, but she realizes that she has only completed part of her intended task.


After selling off the bar stool, she heads to her mailbox where she uses the proceeds to mail off a check to help feed the poor.


Feeling a little antsy and on top of the world after donating to her favorite charity, she decides to head into town on a little jog, half hoping to run into someone new to befriend.


However when she finally makes it to central park she is disappointed to find the place desolate. It’s just her and the statue of the town founder, who in all his bronze glory is no conversationalist.


Across the street though she happens to notice her boss Claire Ursine enjoying a quiet evening outside the bookstore. She decides to walk up and say hello as she figures it can’t hurt to gain a few brownie points for work. Chatting with her boss on her day off though isn’t exactly Robin’s idea of fun though, so soon she says goodbye and decides to go investigate the library.


In the library she meets a man named Gunther Goth, who despite his strange purple top hat, reveals that he is involved in business. He’s the ambitious type and rich, which is normally the type of person she would target to steal from, but Gunther seems friendly enough and she was having such an enjoyable conversation that she decided he was probably respectable enough not to steal from. She just hopes he donates to charities from time to time.


Feeling hungry and tired, Robin finally decides to head home as the sun begins to rise over Sunset Valley, and enjoys some homemade pancakes before heading off to bed.

On a side note, for those of you with thieves who haven’t figured out how to steal things, you should know that the command to swipe something is part of the move command. Basically you click the ground around in the area that you want to swipe something and the option “swipe something” will come up. Selecting that action will cause your sim to run to that area and choose something at random within a certain radius to steal. Just be sure nobody is watching!

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