HMToT: Birth Event, Tao Specific *spoilers*

Now I don’t know if the dialogue really changes much or at all for each bachelor as I am still on my first game and have yet to marry anyone else, but I thought I would go ahead and share this event too since I’ve shared all the others. Just beware that it will be really spoiler ridden.

The birth of your child will happen exactly one season’s worth of time from the day your pregnancy was announced, which will be the same day you got married but different season. I was married on the 15th of Winter, my pregnancy was announced on the 15th of Summer, and the birth happened on the 15th of Fall…..Kinda weird, and a little bit cheap if you ask me. Anyway apparently humans in this game only need to go through one trimester of pregnancy. I really think I preferred it the old way.

It’s a little disappointing that your husband doesn’t say anything different to you while you are pregnant, or at least Tao didn’t. I was growing the seedling of hope at the time though so everyone’s dialogue was interrupted with new mother tree dialogue/seedling of hope dialogue, but still, even when that was over and even on the last day before the birth, Tao doesn’t say anything different. It made me start to miss HMDSC, because Skye’s dialogue changed with each trimester and there was additional special dialogue for the week of and day before the event. Well, and on top of that Skye’s dialogue was over the top romantic that was just so *awwwww*. Skye just had more dialogue in general, and I’m wishing this game had a little more of it.

As it is, you wake up on the day of birth, oddly enough doing your “Let’s Go!” stretch and then go right back to bed looking ill with a little white cloud over your head. At this point Tao will be alarmed and rush over to your bedside where he will say “Are you ok?! Let’s go to the clinic right now!” Next the scene fades to the clinic, and you will be laying in a hospital bed, with Irene and Tao at your bedside. Tao will then say: “Please be strong, I’m right beside you.” which I thought was particularly sweet and then it made me think, so are they really going to allow the father in the delivery room this time? How progressive and sweet would that be!? However this is not to be the case as Irene goes off and yells at him: “You’re in everybody’s way, wait outside!” and then of course he dashes off to the waiting room area and does his thoughtful/waiting posturing until the sound effect of a baby’s cry occurs, and I must say it’s a really bizarre sounding SFX. At this point it cuts back to the scene at the hospital bed, where your new baby is wrapped up in a blue blanket (even if it’s a girl) and being held by Irene. Tao will tell you “You did great. It’s a healthy baby.” then turn to Irene to look at the baby with happy blush marks on his face. Irene will then say “What a cute girl! You did a great job.”

At this point the scene changes a little as now you are still in bed, but Tao is holding your newborn and asks: “Have you thought of a name? Sorry, I’ve been meaning to come up with one, but it kinda slipped my mind…” At this point you go into naming mode. The default name is Mia, but whereas that’s not a bad default name, I decided to go with Aria instead. After you have selected your child’s name, you will be brought back to the same scene with Tao still holding the baby. He will then say “What a wonderful name, meet your mama and papa Aria!” Of course whatever name you choose for your child will be inserted where Aria is.

Next you will be standing outside the clinic, Tao will still be holding the baby and will get some hearts above his head. Then you will cut to Irene who will tell you that a crib has been delivered to your house and that it is a baby gift from the town. You will also be warned by Perry not to overwork yourself since you have a child to worry about now, and then after another happy moment with hearts, you and Tao will head home.

When you finally get home there is another short scene where you are both standing beside the new crib, and Tao will tell you that you should rest well, and that you’ve been through a lot today, and of course you nod, and then bizarrely enough you wind up back at exactly 6:00am in your house on the day of the birth. So the birth takes no time whatsoever (unless it was really like 3am or something when you rushed to the clinic), and you can now head out, tend your animals and plants, and just do what you would normally do.

On the day of the birth, if you stop to talk to Tao, which you should, he will say “Today is truly a day to remember. Thanks for always being such an amazing wife sweetie.” What a nice thing to say. :3 Then the day after the birth, he will say “I hope our child will grow up to be as kind as you.” which is another awww how sweet moment. I haven’t played much beyond the birth though, so I don’t know if he says anything else, but I’m sure he will later, especially as your child grows.

I’d also like to point out that after your child wakes up, you can interact a little bit with the infant, which is new for a Harvest Moon game. You now have the option to cuddle and use the rattle if it’s equipped. Both interactions will gain you hearts, but using the rattle gives the baby three hearts above it’s head as oppose to the single one it gets when you cuddle. It would seem that you get more love points by rattling then, so don’t be cheap and go buy that rattle at the general store. A little disappointing is the fact that when you do cuddle your child, there is no animation for it, not even a pat and a “there there” You just stand there, the baby gets a heart, and the dialogue box informs you that your child is doing well……Oh well……

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