Sims 3: New House – Sunnyside Villa

sunnysidemain04My latest house is now completed and available for download on TSR. It’s fully decorated and landscaped, and has quite a lot of interesting features. Some of the fun features are: A master bedroom with private courtyard, extensive patios, front entry courtyard with outdoor fireplace, a loggia just off the living room, a guest suite and more! My favorite part is the dining room, which is in the pic below, but I will digress and move on…


The house has 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, plus two extra rooms, one that is fitted as a study and another as an exercise room, although you can change them as you wish. Also of note, I iused some of the Hewnsman items when creating this house, specifically I used each type of Hewnsman door, the column and the wall lamp.

As usual, if you download and enjoy this house, please consider giving me thanks on the TSR site! Here is the link:

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