First Try with Sims 3 Custom Content

1stdeerylout I spent some time today borrowing my brothers computer and attempting to create some of my own Sims 3 custom content. I decided to start easy and I mucked around with trying to put stencils on t-shirts. The results of my first attempt are in the pic to the left. It’s just a little Deery Lou shirt for teen, YA, and adult females, BUT I consider it imperfect….a factory second if you will. The problem with this piece is I ringed the the image with a green outline, which tidies it up, but it only looks good on light colors. Lettering I also realized comes out as a lot of boogers when stenciling too. :p I’m not sure what the trick is for getting clean text on Sim clothing, but maybe one day I’ll find out. Until then however I am steering clear of lettering! Anyway because I still think it looks good enough for me to use with light color bases, I thought I may as well offer-up the sims3pack for anyone to download and use.

Right click/control click and choose “save link as” to download:

1stdeerylout2 Use at your own risk with dark colors though! You can see it’s hideousness with black as the base in the pic to the right! Very ugly, so terrible, awful, and so on….

Anyway I enjoyed trying to make this despite my failures, so as long as my brother lets me borrow his PC, I’ll more than likely be trying to make more cute t-shirts, and who knows, maybe I’ll even attempt something more complex.

Oh and lastly, don’t do something nerdy and take my work and re-upload it elsewhere claiming it as your own. I know my shirt isn’t that fabulous, but why can I forsee some nerdlet doing that?

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