Sims 3 – New House Download

modernretreat02main I’ve got another house available for download on TSR. This one is another modern house, though it’s smaller than my first modern house. I used A LOT of store items in this one though, you can check on the TSR site to see all of the furniture I used. I just couldn’t help myself! I was getting bored with the base set!

Some features of note in this one are a large modern patio off the back of the house that has an outdoor fireplace and dining set that overlooks a nice landscaped pond. There is also a built in flower box at the front of the house, large front entry with bike rack, and the house is fully landscaped and decorated.


As usual, there are more pics and info on the TSR site. If you download and enjoy my house, please consider giving me thanks on the site. :) Here is the link:

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