Pet Society – Purin’s Progress

5770_591199833904_27319033_34696338_261750_nI’ve been playing a lot of Pet Society on Facebook since I discovered it, and right now I am working on collecting all of the fish available for my aquarium. Today I finally caught a seahorse, which is one of the rare fish that you can only catch by baiting them with carrots bought from the grocery. I am also working on trying to catch the apple fish as well, another rare, but after that the rares start requiring expensive food items for bait, and I am just too poor to afford $75 pink donuts to catch donut fish for example. XP

One of my favorite ways to make some money and good exp is to head to the cafe and “scrub down hobos”. XD ou can gain a considerable amount of exp by taking care of neglected or abandoned pets. In my travels to the cafe I sometimes come across some unique animals, or pets with great decorating sense. :) I may start featuring some of those pets here because it seems rather fun. I especially like seeing other pets homes to get decorating ideas, as some pets are rather crafty….or rich, lol.

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