Pet Society – Purin’s Cafe Crawl


Welcome to day two of Purin’s cafe crawl! Today in the cafe Purin met Sparkle, who with her large hat, curls, and fluffy dress looked quite like a proper southern belle. Normally those lower “hair curls” on animals just look like silly old fashion mutton chop beards from the civil war era, but Sparkle in her hat managed to pull off a nice feminine look.


Next Purin met Shaiideh, who had a lovely front room. She managed to make a pink room look sleek, modern and elegant, instead of the usual frou-frou we find. After seeing the lovely front room Purin of course wanted to tour more of the house.


As it turned out Shaiideh had a wonderful, tidy kitchen as well. It wasn’t perhaps as packed as Kismot’s from the day before, but it was uncluttered and simple, which was appreciated.


The piece de resistance of the kitchen however was the dining table which looked all done up for a fabulous party and was packed with sweets of all kind. Looking at the delicious table Purin thought how nice it would be to b invited to one of Shaiideh’s parties!

And thus ends Purin’s cafe crawl for today. If you would like to add Purin to your town, just friend me on Facebook:

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