Animal Parade: The Firefly Festival with the Wizard

fireflyfestivalI decided to wait to propose to the wizard, so I went through the Firefly festival with him still unmarried. There are parts of the Firefly Festival that go off on cues, so I wasn’t able to write down everything verbatim, so all I will have is a summary about the event.

When you arrive there is a cutscene with you walking down towards the river looking for the wizard. For a second you may wonder if perhaps he isn’t going to come as your character looks around, but he shows up just after. As usual he tells you “thanks for waiting.”, and you nod your head as if it were nothing. He then tells you that “we place these lanterns in the river and think about those who came before us.”

It then cuts to the next scene where you and he are putting your lanterns into the water. His lantern is one of the yellow ones, and you get a red lantern. As the lanterns float away the wizard talks about respecting those who came before, and how this festival seems cathartic for the townspeople. After the last lantern floats out of site and the wizard has finished saying his piece, suddenly you will both spy fireflies now flying around above the river. The wizard wonders what makes them glow and then says he will “endeavor to find out.”

After the scene with the fireflies, he will then suggest that you head home and after telling you he had a good time and that he’d like to do it again sometime, you will wave goodbye right before Hamilton closes the festival

Now that I have completed all of the romantic festivals, my only complaint is that there is only 1 per season!! I’ve read where you will be able to bring your spouse to the other festivals, so perhaps that is something to look forward to, but it just seems wrong to have summer fireworks and a new years celebration without being able to bring a date.

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