Being a girl gamer and liking cute and girly things, it is sometimes difficult to find good games to play. In recent years however there has been an influx of girl friendly games appearing on the market, and hopefully this trend will only continue and expand. This blog is just going to be a collection of my thoughts as I work through some of my favorite games. I hope that perhaps what I find out while gaming could be of some use to others, or perhaps you might discover a new game you never heard of before. I don’t intend this place to be a FAQ, but rather just a fansite with hopefully some helpful/interesting information.

I welcome comments on my blog, but I’ve had to institute the registration system because I was receiving too many spam comments. Registration is easy and painless though and afterwards you can comment freely, so I hope that won’t deter anyone from commenting! I do enjoy getting comments!

Gaming Status

Currently Playing
Atelier Annie – Getting close to finishing.
Chocobo’s Crystal Tower – Fairly active.
HM: Animal Parade – Still playing occasionally.
City of Wonder – I log in at least once a day right now.
I’m also playing various other Facebook games.

My games to check out list
Atelier Rorona PS3 – I don’t have the system…..yet.
Harvest Moon Twin Villages DS – Holding out for the North American release.
Persona 3 Portable PSP – Don’t have the PSP….yet.
Princess Debut – I figure I should at least try the only otome game released in the states.
Will o’ Wisp DS – One of these days!

more coming……