Prince Valdo – Confessions and Such

I made the fanart to left left there because I’m filled with all sorts of fannishness over the game at the moment. Anyway if you like it you can visit my DA Page to see the full image and you can also find a little Valdo chibi I did. All I ask is that you […]

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Avalon Code – Confessions and the End Game

So I have finally beaten Avalon Code. It took me a while because I’ve had a lot of other work to do, so the game had to go by the wayside for a while. There is still a lot you can do after you beat the final boss though, so I don’t feel as if […]

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Avalon Code – Chapter 5 : Major Spoilers

I haven’t had much time to be posting lately, but suffice to say I have still been playing Avalon Code. What comes after this intro however will be MAJOR SPOILERS, so be forewarned. So during my first play-through of chapter 5 I courted Anwar and he became my lover. Before the tournament in chapter 5, […]

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Avalon Code – Relationships

Alright, so I have found out quite a little bit more about relationships and events in the game. First off though, I wanted to say that the best chance you have to start romance between your dungeon crawls is probably after you make it back from the desert and have those 6 days before the […]

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Avalon Code – Things you should know, but aren’t told.

This seems to be the MO of Avalon Code, to not tell you all of the information you need and just leave you floundering in a dungeon until you by chance figure it out, or find it out online. Anyway I’m going to leave my list of things here in the hopes that it may […]

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Avalon Code – Relationships and Other Misc.

Alright, so the Book of Prophecy interface can still be annoying, especially when you are having to search through pages of monsters for codes, but I’ve worked out my other irritations by actually, gasp, reading the instruction book. The dungeons in this game are very puzzle oriented, with each room you enter there is an […]

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Avalon Code – First Impressions

I know I just made my mondo post about Comic Garden, but I wanted to talk a little bit about Avalon Code before I got any deeper into the game. So far I am finding it quite enjoyable, although the menu structure when dealing with your book of prophesy is kind of a pain in […]

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Under the Radar – Avalon Code

I haven’t had much time to keep track of new games, or even play any of my current games lately because I’ve been so busy with student teaching. President’s Day is giving me a 3 day weekend though, so I thought I’d use a little free time to see what’s on the market and boy […]

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