Saikin Koi Shiteru – Kazama Ruka!

So, I’ve now had a chance to play through Kagami, Aiba and Kazama’s routes, and I must say I still like Kazama’s the best! I’m not sure if I’ll bother with Shindou or Saeki’s routes or not. Saeki sensei is well, kinda scary and I swear he said something along the lines of his hobby […]

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Saikin Koi Shiteru

While I am waiting for Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar, I decided to pick up Saikin Koi Shiteru which looked like a cute and simple enough otome game for the DS. It is a fairly easy and fun game to pick up, and you can play through it fairly quickly as well….though I didn’t bother too […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 3 – Day 3

This day seems to go on longer than the others, but maybe that’s because it contains the dramatic conclusion to chapter 3. Anyway this is a tough day, and by the end of chapter 3 you will be feeling demoralized. Sound threatening? >:D Anyway on with the day….. As usual you are spending your lunch […]

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden – Keigo’s True Ending

As with Ryou’s ending, I am putting all of this entry behind a cut so that nobody accidentally spoils anything for themselves. Unlike Ryou’s ending however, I took the time to write down things and look up kanji I didn’t know, so Keigo’s ending will have more substance. I also liked Keigo’s ending the best, […]

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden – Ryou’s True Ending

I am going to put everything of this behind a cut so that people don’t accidentally spoil anything for themselves. I’ll also be including 1 of the 3 ending CGs you get while going down this route, and it is going to be the one I see the most of on the internet anyway. I […]

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden – Chapter 4 Part 2: Comiket

I just got Avalon Code today, and I’m right in the middle of Comic Garden chapter 5, so it has been difficult to discipline myself to blog my summary for part 2 of chapter 4! None the less though, here it is. You start Comiket by meeting with Ren, Ryou and Hibiki. The party is […]

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden Chapter 4: Part 1 – Christmas

I’ve decided to split my summary of chapter 4 into two parts because for some reason it seems really super long to me. Anyway this first part I will end with the Christmas event and then part 2 will contain the big Comiket event. I tried to get some more screenshots this time too since […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 3 Day 1

Before the next day there is a little evening side scene. It happens directly after the events of the last chapter where everyone got their butts kicked. So now the scene fades to a street in the shopping district of the town. It’s late enough at night that it’s pretty desolate and there isn’t any […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 2 Day 3

So I realized that it really takes me several hours to make it through one day when I look up all the kanji and write out my translations….that’s pretty sad! D,:> Oh well, at least I’m still having fun, though I’d like to be able to advance the story quicker. I’m sure if it were […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Meeting Shinji

I wish I didn’t have so much coursework to do right now otherwise I would have more time to play this game. As it is I really haven’t progressed very far since the kanji is difficult and I can only make time to play about a day at a time. After tomorrow’s art history test […]

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