Country Story – Your Dog

So, I finally got my dog on Country Story! It took me forever, but so far I think he’s worth it, even if for the cute looks only. However he is more than cute, he is functional too. Your dog helps to protect your crops from people who come to steal. He isn’t going to […]

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Country Story – Friend Link-Up!

Since I know a lot of people are searching for more people to add into their Country Story to help them finish the dog quest or other quests, I thought I would start a post that can help people find other Country Story players to befriend on Facebook. If you would like to share your […]

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Country Story – All About Sticks and Stones

I’ve noticed lately that some people in my Country Story game are using the black hand to take the wood and stones from my property, which is something you DO NOT need to do and I will tell you why. Wood and stone regenerates every day, not only for you on your own property, but […]

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Country Story – Current Glitches

It appears that as of now whenever you write a letter and send it to someone that it arrives as a blank letter. This is bad news for those of you who need good open communication for completing the dog quest. However apparently it’s been reported that you do get your messages when you tack […]

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Country Story – The Skinny on Friendship Points

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about friendship points, so I thought I would share what I know here. First of all you gain friendship points (FP) by sending gifts to your friends. As of right now there is no other way to gain FP. Now, that’s not all there is to it however, because […]

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Country Story – Friendship Points and Other Nuisances

So, my brother and I experimented with the steal-gift plot to complete the stealing quest and also to gain friendship points. As it turns out, if you steal around 8-12 vegetables, in my case it was corn at the time, you only get 1 friendship point when you gift the stolen items back. Remember you […]

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A Few Things to Know About Country Story

After playing now for a couple more days I have come to better understand some features, and have noticed a few things about the game that will be helpful if shared. First of all, for whatever reason, playfish put stealing into Country Story, which is a big WTH moment for me. So yes, those people […]

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Playfish’s Country Story

OK, so I came across another Playfish game called Country Story, and I must tell you zynga’s Farmville should be running in fear right now! As you can imagine Country Story is a farming sim, and a very good one for a free browser based game. If you are a Harvest Mooner you will without […]

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