Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar – Impressions and Insights

I had pre-ordered Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar and got it on the day it came out, but I didn’t play it for a week or two until I “finished-up” with Tokimemo GS 3rd Story which I will save for another posting. Anyhow I’ve been fairly addicted to this latest Harvest Moon since picking it up, […]

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More Facebook Games – Castle & Co, My Empire and etc…

Seems like I haven’t had much time to blog about games lately since I’ve been so focused on my comic work, but recently I got a little more into some Facebook games, one of which is called Castle & Co. by Ubisoft. Like a lot of other games on Facebook, it is a town builder, […]

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Pet Society – Love Tree

I logged into Pet Society to check on my Love Tree and it had reached full size! I’m excited that it’s a cherry tree! It looks so pretty I’m considering buying another seed and keeping it back for later. My tree still hasn’t born fruits yet, but with a tree so pretty I’m not to […]

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Petling Round-Up

So I spent some time during lunch running around to all of the houses in my village to check and see who were proud pet owners and I only came up with 8 people with petlings out of the I don’t know how many villagers I have. Anyway the pic above is just a little […]

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TinierMe, rings, fishing and whatnot…

I’ve been playing around a lot more on TinierMe lately as I’ve made a few friends there, and they recently opened up a fishing contest which I will get to later. If you are new to TinierMe, one way you can make money is by simply logging into Selfy Town. When you log into Selfy […]

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Facebook Games by Activate

Occasionally when I have some time to kill, which is becoming few and far between these days, I will see what other decent browser games their are on Facebook to pass the time. Today I found the company Activate and checked out their two Facebook games, Fish a Fish and Katcha Katcha. Fish a Fish […]

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Country Story – Your Dog

So, I finally got my dog on Country Story! It took me forever, but so far I think he’s worth it, even if for the cute looks only. However he is more than cute, he is functional too. Your dog helps to protect your crops from people who come to steal. He isn’t going to […]

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So apparently there is a new social game on the horizon. I don’t know too much about it yet, but apparently it will feature customizable avatars, a bedroom you can decorate, pets and other such things. On their Facebook page and Myspace they say to expect TinierMe to be out in October, and it looks […]

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Restaurant City – New Garden Plots

Today when I loaded up Restaurant City I was surprised to find new garden plots to the right of my restaurant! So with the game’s update today we will now be able to unlock the ability to grow our own ingredients. The first garden plot unlocks at level 16, and the rest unlock at other […]

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Restaurant City – More Random Tips

The first couple tips I have are money saving. One thing that ought to be helpful in saving money is to know that it does not matter which stove you use, because all stoves cook at the same speed, so there is no need to buy any of the expensive fancy stoves unless you are […]

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